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In my previous article I wrote about a few functions of the brain. How these functions, if they stop working, undermine your life on all levels: physical and mental health, all kinds of relationships with others and career. Today I will tell you more about your emotional intelligence. As I already told previously, it isn’t situated in the right side of the brain, but in the left side. This is important information, because highly sensitive and dyslectic people suffer unnecessarily. When I was young, I used to have depressions, so I know how it is if you feel so much.

As I already told: it’s very difficult to find scientific proof for the things I tell. Sometimes I’m lucky to find a clue, but many things stay hidden for researchers. Maybe one day I will be lucky and find a group of researchers that will cooperate with me to find exactly how things work. Many research papers are on websites I don’t have access too, because I don’t work for a scientifical institute, sometimes I don’t exactly understand what the papers say and other times they are contradictory. But about the working of the brains scientists nowadays state that different functions of your brain aren’t situated in one part, but are spread throughout more parts and it is the network that makes the functions work. I see exactly the opposite of that! Maybe some day the whole truth will be uncovered, but I will for the moment tell you what I see, because if you work on that, you start healing and I at least think that’s a wonderful beginning. Shall we?

So … we have learned that our logical thinking ability finds itself in the left side of the brain and the feeling ability in the right side. Yes, the right side feels more than it thinks: that is true. But I have observed many people during the years I had a healing practice and there were many, many customers and readers of my blog and newsletters who lived merely on the right side of their brain. The most important thing I discovered there was that these people live for themselves. Of course they try to think of others as well, but it is hard for them. It’s not automatically done, like for people who live on the left side of the brain. They aren’t necessarily selfish, but they are self-centered. So the feeling ability of the right side of the brain is not about caring and loving. That is in the left side, which positions your real EQ on the left side of your brain.

I started thinking and fishing for more information. And I registered the following; people of the right side of the brain are most of the time not very happy, having issues with depression, a lack of courage and decisiveness and many other negative emotions. They are convinced they can’t get out of their situation in order to become happy again and a positive thinker. These emotions are stored in their brain and even in their whole body, impossible to get rid of them and making them even physically ill. So I started writing on my blog about that and advised them to make puzzles like sudoku’s and so and to eat cocoa and bananas to get the left side of the brain, the merry one, to work again.

The Annoying Orange

Well, that wasn’t that easy. First of all, people of the right side [of the brain] think they know everything better and don’t listen to advise. That is their defence, because they suffer on the inside from all these depressed feelings. They’re stuffed with irritation, frustration, anger, sadness, fears and who knows what more. And often they feel what other people around them feel or think, or at least they catch things from others. That is of course frightening and very annoying too, let’s be honest! Where do you think the Annoying Orange had its roots?

Now since no-one actually knows what to do about this problem, these people start calling themselves ‘HSP’ (highly sensitive person) and look for each other. They form groups and mourn and complain together. I am hugely exaggerating, I know that. But I do that in order for you to see this is no solution. Yes, look for other people who are like you is a great idea! It’s not a disease or so, if you live on your right brain half. But it IS problematic to always pick up stimulation from the environment! And it is very well possible to do something about it. It’s not easy and not overnight, but it is possible to feel much better.

Since I am exactly the opposite, I always see ways out everywhere. I am so optimistic that you may find me idealistic or a dreamer. But my right brain half hardly works and I live on the left one! Any negativity that somewhere sees a chance to enter my mind, is quickly processed by my self-healing ability – or the judging committee as I mostly call it – and then sent away as useless. In me it works so hard that I just don’t believe in stagnation, but if this tool in your brain is in the off-mode, you are incapable of changing a thing in your life.

The frontal lobe is directly behind your forehead

Your self-healing ability is actually your frontal lobe: the part of your brain just behind your forehead. As you see on the picture next to this, it is known that it is the place for taking decisions and solving problems. And it is the place for trying out new things in your life too.

But if it doesn’t work properly, it is stuffed with negative emotions and you really start suffering. You become such a person that always says there is no solution for a problem and no way out of a situation. You know the politicians who think that way! But maybe you also know people in your environment who think like that. And just like Barack Obama said in this election campaign: YES WE CAN! We can just change it.

How? Well, a low sodium causes negative emotions. Or actually: it makes it possible to retain these. That is something science knows about. Then there are more substances ‘guilty’ of negative emotions: mercury, carbon, fluorine and MSG (E621). Logical consequence of this is not to eat too much fish and seaweed, no table salt but sea salt (or Himalayan salt), to choose a toothpaste without fluoride, not to use vinegar or turmeric and not to drink too much soda.

In order to control your level of sodium, you need potassium. Not from a pot please, but the complete potassium, which you find in fruit and good fruit juices or smoothies if you want. Do eat as much as you can of fruit and drink fruit juices, until you start feeling better. Any fruit you like will do!

black cherry concentrated juice: also very good!

What you should do in order to get your complete brain to work again, is supplement your iron. Again not from a pot, but the complete iron from food: apples and apple juice, spinach, red beets, all kinds of cabbage, broccoli, lemon … And it would be good for the first week to drink concentrated juice of blackberries, rose hips, elderberries or blueberries. Here in Europe you can find these juices in organic and reform shops and they are sold as healing juices. I think in other countries it must be the same. If you take half a glass twice per day, you will very soon see a difference. Here I found a picture of blackberry concentrate. As far as I understand it isn’t syrup, but a very strong and natural juice without any additives.

What the iron does, is stimulate your blood to quickly and effectively transport all nutrients from your liver to your whole body and also to your brain. If nutrients are very well transported – or produced – your brain will start working more completely. It will for instance order your liver to absorb more nutrients from your food and a lot of things more: you will see what it does. I can’t possibly predict what it will start doing for you, because that is different for each person!

The only preservation is that if you are under treatment of a doctor, it would be wise to ask for his or her advise. It doesn’t often happen, but some people already have a high iron. That is the basical iron (ferritine), not the complete iron. But in that case you should maybe not be too enthusiastic with the concentrated juices. And it is possible that there are more situations in which you should be a bit careful supplementing your iron. Wisdom is the best thing in life, so please ask advise from your doctor in case you have any doubt about your iron.



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