Would you wish to heal from your illness like me?

Would you wish to heal from your illness like me?

This is my first article in English (written in 2017). There will probably be some mistakes in it, for which I apologise in advance. I want to write you about what happened to me and to others I treated, because you might want that to happen to you too. In 2009 I was still a quite normal Mom with two beautiful sons and my own language center, with which I performed and organised in-company trainings in many languages and coaching. Just at the moment where I started being really successful, I suddenly fell ill. Couldn’t teach anymore, because I didn’t remember what I had been saying 5 minutes ago, became slow, exhausted and started paralysing. There was nobody who could take over my business and so I had to close it by 2011.

For years my family doctor had denied to send me to a specialist for my severe backaches, even when I fell so ill. Now I was a linguist without a lot of medical knowledge, but I needed to do something to recover. started training myself in clairvoyancy. The only way left to hopefully get better. I started doing it for myself and my friends. When it became clear that this helped people, I started a practice. As I got paralysed very fast, my doctor finally let me get a MRI scan. He send a note to the neurologist though, that he didn’t believe anything was wrong with me and so the very unfriendly man didn’t tell me I had progressive MS (multiple sclerose). I went to another doctor who also found the disease of Lyme, but didn’t have a cure. I started making totally natural creams with herbs. In the Summer of 2014 the paralysis finally stopped progressing and I could walk about 500 ft without too much pain.

I discovered that minerals, vitamins and other substances work together in the body. Medical science knows this only about potassium and sodium, but if you want to recover from any disease, you need to have this knowledge and you also need to know which nutrients are in which food. That is not always as science states it, I discovered. There are about 75 healing herbs, foods or other plants and I learned how to use them to my own benefit and other’s. I made totally natural medicine and … got nailed for one healing oil twice. Without the complaining organisation even knowing what was inside and refusing any conversation with me, they filled up the whole internet with lies about me and my discoveries. No discussion turned out to be possible with these people. That is the only reason why I haven’t become famous for my knowledge and discoveries, so everyone can recover from diseases.

In the meantime I as the first person ever got healed from the disease of Lyme (not from its co-infections yet though), MS, of later appearing COPD, a Candida infection, ADHD, dyslexia and even my memory is improving. I sleep better and … this also happens to anyone I have treated in all those years since 2010. I know doctors say many diseases are incurable, but that is because they don’t know how to cure them. Yet if you are open to the way I present, you will start healing. You will possibly still need medicine from your doctor for some time, and for sure short courses of vitamin pills and blood tests. But for the rest with a little adaptation to your diet and a simple way to process old shock experiences, you will get healed from almost any disease. Clairvoyant healing isn’t necessary in most cases, but I do need my clairvoyancy and well trained intuition to know what you need.

I found not less than 283 hereditary diseases in my DNA and when I started healing from MS and Lyme, one by one they started to appear. But I stopped them in their tracks and healed my DNA in a very simple way with among others a couple of courses with vitamin D and juice concentrates. If you think that would be a great idea for you too, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will never ask too much money from you and am always honest and open. You won’t need to visit me for years – or have treatments by phone or video chat – because you will heal and that is there to stay.



© Sophia Vassiliou


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