The force of vitamin D

Until now I haven’t written a lot about vitamin D. Yet it is quite urgent, because about 80% of all people is said to have a deficiency of it. By caring for growth and a correct cell mitosis vitamin D will prevent you from having cancer. That is my reason for writing about it today.


What is the purpose of vitamin D?

Vitamin D cuts loose ends together in your body. It helps a bit with a lot of jobs that are done inside you. Like a good absorption of calcium for strong bones and teeth. Furthermore it plays a role in strenghtening your immune system and muscles. In my long experience I discovered that the basical task of vitamin D is that it takes care of your skin, controls your brain functionsand regulates your body temperatuur. All together a quite important substance!


A deficiency of vitamin D:

In case of a deficiency of this vitamin you will have skin diseases. Vitamin D plays a role in diseases like MS, other immune diseases, heart diseases and diabetes. Psychologically you will have depressions with a vitamin D defiency. Last but not least you can also develop cancer. The problem is not so much a malabsorption or a bad distribution through your body, but that you don’t get enough of it through food or that you don’t produce enough of it through sunlight.


If you think you may have a low vitamin D, you can have it tested through your blood. Then you will know it within a few days and you can start working on it. I have it myself too at the moment, so I am joining you.



How to supplement vitamin D:

This is not vitamin C or iron. Vitamin D is in everything you eat, because also plants need it, but not in the quantity that you need it. You have to get two thirds of it via sunlight and so you so have to pay attention to having and keeping enough of it. The way to do this is by looking at any shock experiences you had in your life. Your brains should start to process those again and I help you there. After that you can start supplementing your vitamin.

If you don’t work on the shocks – not necessarily enormous traumatic experiences, but it can also be a nasty comment by someone or an accident -, you will have to take a Big Bomb of vitamin D: an ampoule of not less than 100.000 IU or 25.000 mg. And that is not all: you have to repeat that, because you will have more deficiencies of this vitamin or other nutrients. If you have experienced traumatic things, you don’t need to tell them if that is hard for you. Saying there is something will do. I will search the experience for you and I will help you process it. That is nice of being psychic.

Supplementing needs to be done by taking old-fashioned drops, pills or chewable tablets. I can help you with the dosage and I will look at your diet. There is food that undermines your nutrients and other food that stimulates them. After a few months you can do a new bloodtest to see the progress. But you will already see the progress, because you will start recovering from any disease or complaints you might have.


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