The power of vitamin C

If you ever wondered what the key might be to a real fast recovery from a disease, here is your answer: vitamin C! If you don’t have enough of it, you recover slowly and it will be difficult.

According to them books vitamin C serves most of all a good resistance. I don’t totally agree with that, because before falling ill, vitamin A plays a much larger role: if you have enough of that, you won’t just fall easily ill and you won’t easily have injuries. If you do have an injury, it won’t be as bad as for someone who has a low vitamin A. If it takes a long time to heal, then it’s time to start supplementing your vitamin C. And if that flu takes such a long time to recover, you also need more vitamin C.

In my many years of experience with health matters I discovered that this is how it works. It is crucial knowledge, because you just don’t recover if you take the wrong vitamins or minerals. Or if you don’t do a thorough work, starting with the root and so. If you pull out a dandelion from your garden, you also grab it at the root, don’t you? Otherwise it will be there again in no time! Same with diseases.

So the right order to recover is this: first take a look at shock experiences you had in your life. An accident or a nasty comment from some that made you lose courage. You should teach your brain to start processing those shocks again and then it’s time to start supplementing the nutrients you have a deficiency of. If you work that way you won’t have any deficiencies again and you will really heal.

In order to do so in the best way, I should take a look at your diet. It can be that you eat something that undermines your nutrients. Like cauliflower or fish, but there are more things you can better avoid and other things that will support your recovery. If you directly think about your omega fat acids reading the word ‘fish’, I will reassure you: in olive oil you will find all omegas and also vitamin D that belongs to them. If you add that to your diet, you will never have deficiencies of vitamin D. You only need to supplement it if you already have the deficiency. Here you can find more information about that.


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©Sophia Vassiliou – Vassiliou Empowerment