The comfort of being ill


In English today! You know that today the whole planet is sick, ill, has psychological disorders and is not fit. I don’t think you can point me to anyone who doesn’t have any health issues!

Yet, when Sophia Vassiliou came by and found the solution to illness, disease, being depressed and in a burnout, almost no-one responded! That was a really weird discovery for her. And for me too as her friend and in the beginning her patient. She freed me from a deep, deep burnout and I am forever greatful, but most people don’t think like that.


The comfort of illness

So today I will write about the comfort of being ill. Most people who are ill – doesn’t matter with what disease – receive lots of help. They receive an allocation if they live in a bit developed country, they go to visit doctors where they are well cared for and they have help in the house, while they don’t need to work. It is extremely difficult for the governments of these countries to get healed people to work again. They just don’t want to, because they’re used to be nurtured and not to work, but still receive a reasonable payment.

In this way people don’t need to heal! Governments make them dependent by spoiling them so much and they also make it very difficult for patients to get really healed. To try out real therapies and visit Sophia’s practice, where they know they will find a cure to anything. Sophia knows the secrets and she’s extremely good in her work. Everyone knows that!


Repair wrong treatments

But it’s too comfortable to be ill nowadays in developed countries, like the Netherlands where Sophia lives. People prefer to stay sick at home. For the doctors in the hospital who can’t cure them, they pay enormous bills, but when they finally arrive at Sophia’s, their wallet is empty from all those not-working cures that they preferred above her help. Since Sophia doesn’t receive any help or support from the government, she has to charge. She never asks for one cent too much and does far too much work for against too low rates, but still people only arrive at her, after having tried everything else.

And then Sophia has to start repairing the consequences of all the wrong treatments her patients have taken. That may take a while, because some people do the craziest things to get healed. When they arrive at Sophia’s and she says they had only needed to do normal and logical things, they moreover don’t believe her and don’t give her the chance to treat them. It’s not her fault they choose to go to imposters, who know how to sell, but not how to help patients cure!

Who are those imposters? People who work with strange diets, like low-carbonates, stone age, veganist or other weird diets. People who stuff you up with vitamin pills and other strange herb drops and things like that. People who research you over and again in the hospital without any result or improvement. People who use weird machines to test your this and your that. People who have you come and come again without any results to cut a long way short.


The solution to a healthy world

I think the solution to have people healed is simple and as follows: stimulate them to get real cures by giving them some extra money if they do. And take money from them or stop their allocation, budget or whatever money they get for being ill, in order to create the need for them to get really healed.

More important: make Sophia’s discoveries standard in the world! Let her form other therapists, psychologist, psychiatrists, nurses and doctors, so they know the way to a really healthy world. The world itself is far from being healthy with so many people that are sick and that don’t feel the need to get healed and contribute again!

Have a great weekend! Greetings from Theo Belhuizen


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