Testimony of an old neighbour

Sophia, I find you a warm, hearty woman. You are a loving mother for those two boys of yours and I feel sorry for you that you always have to experience so many setbacks. Life is not fair and I know you are not guilty in any way to all this.

Sometimes I find you a bit too fast and I can’t follow you, because you are so enormously smart. But you have become calmer and more patient over the years, which pleases me a lot. I hope your life will also become quiet and that it may stop always looking for you to bring you setbacks and bad luck.

If there is anything with your computer, just do come. You know I like helping you with that. It is the only thing I can do for you and I am always pleased helping you out

-Mr Brands, the former neighbour of my father’s. Retired alderman and a very sweet man


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