Supplementing vitamins

If you have a deficiency of a certain nutrient, you can feel pretty ill. Fatigue is a symptom that shows up at about any complaint you can imagine and you can also fall chronically ill. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you do a checkup every now and then to see if everything in your body is still going well.

If your sodium is low, you can have depressions and not know how to get all kinds of emotions processed. You may also retain fluid. A too low vitamin B12 makes you exhausted and have heart problems. Too little potassium may cause backaches and so on.

So you want to supplement everything as soon as possible. But for each deficiency you don’t always need to supplement that what is short. Often it is so that you do get the nutrient through your food, but that it isn’t well absorbed into your blood or not well transported to its work space.

Let’s take the example that you suffer from insomnia. You already bought a pot of melatonin, but after three nights you don’t sleep on it anymore. Hot milk with anise didn’t help, taking a walk, a shower, reading a book or making a puzzle: it all didn’t work out. You don’t wish to start taking diazepam or mushrooms and now even the melatonin didn’t help you. How is that possible? Well, melatonin is produced in your pineal gland, a tiny little gland thingee in your brain. It has to get enough fuel itself too; otherwise it won’t do its job. It needs cupper, but cupper is in nearly all your food, so you won’t have deficiency of that.

What should you do now? Yes, there is a plan C and even a plan D. Plan C is working on the transport within your body. You do that by doing some sport and there is also the transport company Iron & Chromium. You can stimulate that with special food, with which I can help you. Plan D is supplementing vitamin C and D. You do that with the help of orange juice and / or rosehip syrup (Roosvicee here in the Netherlands), if your deficiency isn’t too much. For vitamin D I will send you to your family doctor, who has a solution for that and for vitamin C I can help you. If you snack that from a pot without adapting your diet, your body can get out of balance, which will cause new complaints or diseases.

If you have a real low iron – and that is for all nutrients -, you can’t do much more than get that vitamin pot. I can help you though to adapt your diet so you won’t have other complaints. And more. But pioneering with vitamin and mineral pots isn’t really my cup of tea.

My cup of tea is to help you in such a way that you really get better and don’t fall ill again afterwards. I can help you to have your brain process shock experiences from your past again (that is its work) and to supplement deficiencies. It is my profession to put your body to work again, so that all functions that should be carried, are really done with. That way you will heal and you will be independent. I won’t help you to make you stay dependent from me. Doctors already do that, so I don’t need to do that too. If that seems a great idea to you, I am here for you.


©Sophia Vassiliou – Vassiliou Empowerment


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