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Many people believe disease is caused by anxiety. So from restlessness, impatience and a stressed feeling. These people start trying to relax and notice it doesn’t work so well. Often they encounter that what we most of the time call mindfulness, which makes them even more stressed. Because the method as it is explained and practiced, isn’t right. If you read on, you will see why this is not the starting point of your healing process.

Many other people believe disease is caused by a vitamin deficiency. A shortage of all kinds of nutrients: vitamin B12, vitamin C and D and iron are the most common. These people mostly visit an orthomolecular doctor, who prescribes them enormous dosages of vitamin pills or even injections. That too doesn’t work quite well and that is because most of the time the problem isn’t that you don’t eat or produce enough nutrients, but that they aren’t well distributed within your body. Moreover before this stage there is another.

The starting point is: shocks. Everyone has experienced nasty moments in their life. Someone who made such a horrible remark that something in you broke down. Since that moment you weren’t able to study anymore, to work or you started falling ill. It can also be an accident.

If you receive a shock, one thought rapidly chases through your head: I never want to love anymore or I really can’t study; it’s needless to keep on trying to educate my children, because I am simply not able to do so; I never want to feel anymore. Something similar runs through your head like a stroke of lightening and that has consequences. From that moment on you stop being able to process your insecurity, your grief, your anger or another emotion. Your head is getting full of grief, insecurity, fear, anxiety or other emotions.

While your whole body – and your head – should be filled with loving and positive thoughts, it now is stuffed with negative emotions and thoughts. You are tense, because you try so hard to prove you can teach, you can have a relationship, hold that job and so on. At the same time you are insecure, but you don’t even feel that with all that anxiety. There simply is no space left within you for loving thoughts and feelings.

Yet it’s those that heal. Love is the great healing power. Loving and cheerful thoughts and emotions. But you lack them because of all that insecurity, fear, stress, anger, irritation, frustration, sorrow and anxiety. Only when you start looking at the shocks in your life that caused all this, you will start healing. Just like you mostly start with lesson 1 and not with lesson 10 to learn a new language.

If you don’t do that, you can eliminate some symptoms or shortly feel somewhat better, but you won’t heal. Disorders, diseases, complaints and setbacks will remain: anything that doesn’t go as you wish. Or you eliminate one complaint and then another starts. I know you have experienced all this.

In case you want to know: I had not less than four disorders and of those are totally gone. I had MS and almost died of paralysis. It’s gone and I have much more energy now! My hair fell out really much and I saved it. On the age of 51 I am still not grayhaired and I look at least 10 years younger that I am, without surgery or other tricks. If you read the testimonies, you will see I am not the only one that started healing.

You have to start pulling out the root, just like you do with the dandelions in your garden. Otherwise you will keep on falling ill. When the shocks are gone, you look at your complaints and what the causes of those are. That is always deficiencies of nutrients. You can supplement those by eating powerful food and sometimes with the help of vitamin pills. I help you adapting your diet.

If you aren’t convinced yet, I have a deal for you: I often tell about juice concentrate of blackberries or blueberries, not of other fruit. If you drink half a glass of that each day, so about 4 oz and if you keep on doing that for about 2 weeks, you will see for yourself how much better and stronger you will feel. If you want to keep on feeling so good, it’s time to help your brain process all shock experiences. After that you can start supplementing your nutrients for once and for all in the right way. I have the knowledge to help you do so and you are very welcome to my practice.


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