Sophy’s Christmas message

As you know, I am always concerned about the world. All the work I do, is dedicated to everyone and after more than 8 years the first signs of a new, better era are certainly visible. If you look well.

Yes it’s other people who start building up the world to something beautiful, not only me in person. But like 10 years ago the things that happen today, weren’t possible and I am the one who opened the doors. It is really time that the world should know this, don’t you think so?

Because … why shouldn’t we live in peace and friendship? Why should we torture each other, why should we be dishonest, jealous, evil-minded and mean? Why shouldn’t we honour children? Have a deep respect for animals and nature? Why should we make war, while we can also make peace, friendship and love? If the EU and the USA had used their brains to think a little bit, they would never have destroyed so many countries. They would have helped to SOLVE the problems in the world, not to enlarge them and then punish the civilians for having a political problem! Caused by them in the first place.

Hobbit homes in New Zealand

People start building beautiful places everywhere. They start doing as a job that which they like, e.g. being a youtuber is nowadays a job! They don’t chase after status and a lot of money, but they want to enjoy what they do. Enjoy where they live. How they live. They build communities where they live with likewise others, where they cultivate their own food and where they also work and raise children in a natural and positive environment.

Hobbit homes in Wales

Before, when they tried such things, it would end up in fights and such. Now there is a lot more harmony so they can live peacefully together. Yes, the world IS changing and what we want, is more such things!

The people who find war senseless and even childish, weren’t heard before. Now they are! And anyone who still thinks in terms of greed, power or other childish norms and values, is not wanted anymore. Politicians who are on power but don’t think in an adult way, won’t stay for long anymore. Just because no-one wants them. It’s as easy as saying good morning, as the French say (c’est simple comme bonjour).

Put your money where your mouth is, was an expression my son had to learn today. He directly said: “Oh that’s easy to remember: that’s what I would say to Donald Trump!”. You see: the new way of thinking is coming through everywhere. People don’t accept false authority anymore and we may spread this new freedom of our mind and of life in general over the whole world.

Let me do it in lectures! Do it yourself by spreading my news and my articles among the positive people. You also share messages of others, so share mine too, okay? Stop being afraid to share with others and to open up your heart! We need to be solidary and social with each other and make ourselves stand strong as a community. Not as individuals only, because we have seen so many times it doesn’t work that way.

Maybe you remember an ancient story from the bible. The Jews came from Egypt and reached Palestina, the beautiful land, but they had to find a place to live there among other people. One day they reached a city called Jericho. They didn’t fight, but just walked around the city for a couple of days and then suddenly the walls broke in a more or less peaceful way. In that way we can also make changes today, because negative people aren’t popular anymore, most people now see through them and they can’t keep their power anymore.

I wish you fantastic Christmas days and have music for you. In Spain they have a wonderful Christmas song: Dime niño de quién eres (tell me little boy whose son you are). Complete with castagnettes and a philharmonic orchestra. I found this version on Youtube for you with arrangement by C. Criado and I hope you like it too:


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  1. Hai Sophia,

    Wanneer mijn reactie op je schrijfwerk rond hoofdstuk
    “Hoe de spirituele beweging omviel ” door de oersapcommissie (LOL) was gekomen
    had ik dat best aardig van je gevonden.

    Maar dat is helaas niet gebeurd.



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