Each Friday free consultations

Only for people who really don’t have any money, I offer free consultations each Friday from 9AM until 2 PM.

If you would like to come on these hours, you need to find yourself on or under the minimum level of subsistence. I need to earn an income for my family as a single Mom like everyone else and therefore can’t offer free consultation for everyone. I do offer this possibility however, because I want anyone to have access to a good health.

The only compensation I ask for in return, is a good review for my website and that you pass on my name to anyone who wants to hear about it. The whole planet is ill and nobody knows what to do with all those sick people anymore. Health insurance has become unaffordable and that while there is a cure, if only you know how it works. And I do.

If you would like to come on a Friday, just phone, app or e-mail me. I will be there for you then. You can also use this form underneath.