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When I fell very ill, I taught myself to make natural medicine: creams, oil and tinctures. They stopped the paralysing a bit, but did not reverse it. That happened when I had put a twig of basil into my drinking water for about 5 weeks in the Summer of 2014.

Numerous complaints and diseases started healing. I have already forgotten many of them, because I am an unbeatable optimist. What I remember was that at a certain point I had all symptoms of COPD and got that away by using olive oil with a few herbs in it. I didn’t even go to my doctor anymore, because he was difficult to convince, slow, needed me to go to the hospital for each and every little thing and healing was a faster and cheaper way than getting a diagnosis for each complaint.

Now that I have got more than half of all the complaints that had made me ill, away, I know the keyword of healing: iron! Not the iron like in iron pills, but the iron in food. Plus it’s not just iron, but a few more nutrients that need to be supplemented.

I can tell you a whole story of how everything works in the brain and the body and I think you might like hearing the story in a lecture. That’s why you find a page ‘lectures‘ on my website. Some of the things I discovered, are more or less known by science and I keep on searching to find more evidence of that kind. It’s always good to find more people who have already seen some details before you saw the overall view!

What I can also do, is give trainings for companies in what I discovered. Then they can make medicine that really heals and they will know why those things do heal and why other ones don’t.

Finally I can guide you to start healing too, just like me. If I just give you the recipe of how much iron you probably need to use, we won’t know if that will work. If you for instance eat things that undermine your iron – a lot of food does! – you won’t have results. Or if you have a very stressful life, you may first need to release some stress in another way, before the healing will start. Stress not only stops all healing processes, but it is also the one of the first causes of any complaint, disease, disorder or bunch of unhappy events in life.


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