The fact that our self-healing ability can function again and that you will start healing then, is so important that I have prepared lectures about it.

In the lectures I shortly tell about the working of the brains. They manage healing and recovery processes, but sometimes it works just a bit different from how we thought it did. Furthermore I tell about food and herbs that support or undermine the healing process.

Healing does not only mean that you recover from physical diseases. It can also be about setbacks in your life, mental disorders and any other complaints or things that do not go as you would have liked it. If your brains work on full power, you do not often have setbacks and you have a fulfilling life. There are things that can not be healed, yet more than you might be able to imagine, is possible.

Of course you can contact me. You can find my rates here and this is the contact page. At this moment it is not possible to attend lectures or trainings in my practice.


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