You found this page, so probably you are a hardworking person who does not always feel real as great as you would love to.

If you wish you self-healing ability to start working again, you need to follow a simple diet. For some people that is easy, but not for everyone. Especially if you already follow a diet or if you are under doctor’s treatment. Plus the rest of your  food pattern should fit to the supplementing of iron and a few more nutrients. What is unique about me is that I know exactly which food helps your healing process and which food undermines it.

In other words: you are very welcome here in my practice for some sound food advice or for guidance. No need to say that I am also there for other consultation about your life and / or your health.

Standard time for a diet consultation is half an hour. For a conversation therapy it is an hour and for a healing 2 hours. That is because that is the time needed for good results. If you would like it differently, that is of course no problem! Just mention it. You find the page with rates here and contact here.


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