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When I visited Twitter this morning, I saw it’s international peaceday today. Now if there’s anything I love a lot, it’s peace and friendship between people and actually also animals. So I got inspired, my first thought being: why isn’t this day called ‘peace STARTING day’? Then we would truly be inspired to not only do some hypocrite partying, but really start establishing peace. And continue tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow should be called Peace continuing day’. I’m full of great ideas today.

Can’t make a video though, because my youngest son is ill and sitting next to me in the bed. At my first video I had a reaction from someone who wrote that I’m a Youtuber too (just like him)! I found that a really cool thought and that after having made exactly one video. I belong to the world of Youtubers now, even if I can’t make one today. Belonging: isn’t that a great beginning of making peace?

Peace in Syria, where the US and EU armies bomb the country and then claim it’s Russia bombing. Where the Russian government tries anything to establish peace, but they’re being held back by the rest of the intervening parties. Where the president Bashar al-Assad can’t do anything to keep his people safe and has to see how everything is destroyed. For what? For the money, because Syria isn’t a member of the Rothschild’s bank or the Federal Reserve. You would probably answer now: “So what?”, but that’s not how those two banks think. Any country who isn’t in their power has to be destroyed. So after Libya and Irak now it’s time for Syria.

It’s just not true al-Assad is a dictator. He’s not, but he does have a difficult country to rule. There are many religious people there, of various beliefs and some of them are quite hot-tempered. If he doesn’t keep strict rules, there will be chaos in the country. Before this horrible war started, jews, Christians, moslims of different beliefs, Druses and Zoroastrian Kurds were living in peace together … A dictator could never get such a thing done, could he?

Let’ not directly start attacking others. I know every single person in the United States thinks Vladimir Putin is a terrible and dangerous dictator. But did you ever ask yourself why most Russians say he’s like a father to them? The international media gossip as much as they can about him, but just search a bit on Youtube and find videos in which he explains his politics to people. You will see for yourself he’s a wonderful person and an extremely strong character. Very open, very democratic and no: he didn’t claim Crimea. It was an independent island and all of its inhabitants wanted to belong to Russia again. That’s no annexation!

It’s the US and the EU that claim things. The EU has never done one single democratic thing since its very beginning after World War II. Staying in Russia’s politics I have done a little research and found that Ukraine consists of two halfs that want different things. The western part of the country has been westernised since the 10th century AD and the eastern was always friends with Russia. And it still is that way. Maybe it would be an interesting or even smart question to ask why the country doesn’t split up if they can’t find peace together … It’s not helping any (economic) growth if there are always internal conflicts – is it?

Here is a video in which Vladimir Putin explains about the Middle East on Russian tv. Maybe you would like to watch it and see for yourself what to think about it:

I think if we want peace in this world, we have to listen to ALL participants. Not only to the mainstream media in the US and Europe. Let everyone have their say and let’s all together as equal parties establish a peaceful and harmonious world, in which happiness is the first factor that counts.

And that is only politics! We can all start establishing peace in our own mind and peace in our neighborhood, family and at work. Today is a great day. Not only because it’s peaceday, but also because today is ALWAYS the best day to start something beautiful. We used to have a plate with the text: “Hooray it’s today!” and I think that’s great wisdom. The plate doesn’t live anymore, but the text is more alive than ever!

Have a beautiful day wherever you are in the world, please enjoy your day and do radiate humor and kindness! I’m going to do the same thing here now.


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