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the unique healer, teacher, author and speaker who found the way to heal from diseases and unhappiness. Known by her informative blog and website. Written by ex patient and friend Theo B.

literature faculty Thessaloniki
Sophia Vassiliou attended college at this beautiful faculty of literature in Thessaloniki

Sophia Vassiliou is Greek in heart and soul. Highly intelligent, sensitive and adventurous she went to grammar school. Beside her school she had the opportunity to learn calligraphy, quite a bit of Italian, modern Greek and astrology by self study. After that she finished a master’s study in French and Greek literature in the city where her roots are: Thessaloniki. She was a singer there in several nice music clubs, attended singing lessons at music school and joined all activities she was able to find. She sang in her faculty’s band, where she received a lot of admiration. During her studies and her singing career she also had the opportunity to teach several languages and to work as a freelance translator in not less than five languages.

Sophia Vassiliou
Sophia Vassiliou

Back in the Netherlands she very succesfully taught Greek, French and Dutch – even biology, she adds laughing – at secondary and professional schools, language schools and universities. In 2002 she started her own language center Parnassós Talen, where she very successfully performed in-company trainings in three languages, in study and social skills and coaching. Her students loved her, because she was so good at explaining, because of her humor and simplicity.

She succeeded in doing all these things beside her busy family with two sons, where her heart lies. It was definitely not her choice to be a working Mom, but life brought it that way and she worked as much as possible during school hours. She attended all school and other activities and all children were (and are still) fond of her.

As a little girl Sophia was already always busy healing people with her beautiful voice, with flowers and loving words, that opened their heart. Her powerful and at the same time gentle presence alone is enough to start healing. It is a natural talent that makes Sophia unique.

In 2011 Sophia fell so ill from the disease of Lyme and MS that she wasn’t able to keep her language center running. She decided not to ask for an allocation, but to go back to her roots and start a healing practice. Conscientious and a fighter as she is, she discovered what disease actually is, where it comes from and how she can help, teach and coach others even better and more consciously in their recovering process. Sophia herself is now recovered from both diseases.

The very base of anything that makes unhappy, sick and miserable is a series of shock experiences that you have had in your life. A few firm, biting remarks from someone, an accident, the loss of a loved one: that kind of things. These experiences make that signs that travel through your neural pathways, don’t arrive well enough at their destination. That causes local nutrient deficiencies that make you ill, bring you setbacks, insomnia, disorders etcetera. Sophia explains it all in great details on this website.

She most of all explains the way back to a healthy body and mind and to a happy, fulfilling life. It is certainly not impossible, like many others claim: if only you know the way. Sophia does, I can assure you. To give you a little glimpse already: your therapy doesn’t only consist of processing your past and of supplementing your vitamin deficiencies, but also of coaching beyond compare!

Here is a musical video by Sophia Vassiliou, just recorded at home. She sings one of the most beautiful Greek songs for you: Θέλω κοντά σου να μείνω (thelo kondá sou na meino, I want to stay close to you forever), written by George Mouzakis:


Thank you for everything you did for me. You deserve a medal
(said a friend about her)


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