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Who I am … the teacher, author and speaker who found the way to heal from diseases and unhappiness. Known by my informative blog and website. 


You would perhaps like to know something about my life. Well, I am Greek born in the Netherlands. I also lived a long time in Greece, in Thessaloniki, my home city.

I went to grammarschool, then studied literature in Thessaloniki where I also was a singer and attended singing lessons. Later back in the Netherlands I worked as a schoolteacher and later started my own language center with in-company trainings. It worked very well.

Me in Greece

In 2011 I fell very ill (MS and more) and investigated what disease actually is, where it comes from and what we can do about it. I found all the answers and healed until I was able to continue. I didn’t only find the solutions to illness, but also to not being successful and to unhappiness. It had to do with vitamin B12, an iron shortage and more self confidence.

I explain in lectures and in-company trainings how we can all become healthy and happy again. And I offer personal guidance to anyone who wants changes in their life. The solution is simple and accessible for anyone.


Thank you for everything you did for me. You deserve a medal
(said a friend about me)


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