Sophia’s intuitive gift

Written by Theo Belhuizen

It is very difficult to tell how great and unique your own gift is. Someone else should do that and that is where I sometimes jump in for Sophia Vassiliou. It may be said how wonderful she is as a therapist, a coach, a mother and a person. Today I will tell you how accurate her intuitive gift really is. How real her clairvoyancy is and how real the knowledge she aquires that way. How real her healings are.

Without that gift and knowledge nobody could ever recover from any complaint. You see how you nowadays stay ill for three weeks from a simple flu, don’t you? Twenty years ago you would have laughed if anyone said that to you and you would never have believed that you can be so sick from such a simple disease. Yet today it has become worldwide reality. Sophia knows why that is so and she can help you to have less troubles with the flu or none at all. She seldomly has a flu herself and if so, it is never bad. She is better within two days and that is because she knows what to do about it. A cup of camomille tea with honey and lemon isn’t enough if you are prone to it. You need to work on your vitamin A. Not by swallowing it, but by telling your whole body that this vitamin should function better. That is what she does in her treatments and it is the secret to not fall ill again.

Medical science constantly changes , because they possess many small pieces of knowledge that they aren’t able to put together. Every time they discover something new, but later it turns out that their discovery again wasn’t correct. So all that time they have been sending billions of sick people on a wild goose chase with wrong advise and treatments. If those people had been able to listen to their own intuition, they would have been a lot better off. But doctors don’t allow that. They say you are obliged to trust them, because they have studied for 8 years and so they think they know it better.

But is that true? Just take a look at the vitamin B12 hype: even the most conservative family doctors and neurologists nowadays prescribe life-long injections with an enormous quantity of this vitamin, that cause allergies in their patients. And you know you can die from some allergies! Moreover they know very well you don’t have a deficiency of this vitamin, but it isn’t well absorbed and transported through your body. What they should do, is zoom out and examine the vitamin from a distance. Then they would see you have to repair its functioning in an indirect way. That little piece of thinking is something not only Sophia and I miss in doctors: everyone does.

This morning Sophia sent me two links to scientific articles about neurotransmitter serotonin. All kinds of things are said about it, like that it would help against depression. But that is the task of vitamin D, isn’t it? Dear medical world, please decide what helps against depression: vitamin D OR serotonin. Or else do explain how it works. I shall do that in short here, because Sophia gave me the information. Serotonin is a toner: a hormone (and not an amino acid!) that stimulates all action within you, but that also keeps it within boundaries. So if your serotonin flows happily and well through your nerves, you will be neither lethargic or depressed nor aggressive.

frontale cortex
frontal cortex

The hormon, which by the way is produced in your pituitary gland, makes that everything flows softly and in a balanced way. Not only your reactions, but also all your organs, your blood circulation, your nervous system and your brain: everything. Of course that isn’t enough to not become depressed, because as you know depression is an enormous primal force. You need a good level of vitamin D to not fall prey to it and secondly you need a good-working frontal lobe (the front part of your brain).

Sophia just knows such things, without anyone telling her. That is because of her fabulous intuition. Next she tests this sort of things on herself and again by visualising them, because she too loves scientific research. With her knowledge she helps her patients recover from the most complicated diseases. She grabs the disease at its root, as she puts it herself, and heals that which needs healing. Not that which doesn’t need to be healed. E.g. serotonin shouldn’t be supplemented: your body needs to produce it by itself and that means it doesn’t help to regulate it by food.

It can help a bit for a short while (you will find large quantities of serotonin in coffee, peaches and leek), but if you want to have enough of it forever, you should pass by all your unpleasant experiences in your whole life. You don’t need to talk about them with Sophia, because she is a real medium and paragnost, isn’t she? Even if she loathes those titles. She can see your shock experiences by herself and if you can at least name them by e.g. calling a name or a year etcetera, she will see it even faster. If you have passed a serious traumatic experience, she will immediately see that without help. She did it for me, for my sister Cathelijne, for many many patients and friends and she is always right.

What she does to those experiences, is turn them around to something positive. That will put your brains (the frontal lobe) to start processing them, because you can’t do that by yourself. It is the task of your frontal lobe. Sophia can do all that while she sees your experiences and so it isn’t necessary to talk them over. Unless you want it. Of course you can! Sophia is a warm-hearted person who will provide you with self-confidence. She will never condemn you. It is not what she is made of.


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