Iron deficiency and vitamin B12

Many people suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency. At least, that is what the blood tests show. As a solution they do something that I find somewhat creepy: they take a big fat injection with vitamin B12 every month and that for years. Sometimes they also have injections with folic acid. I believe I have a better and in any case much cheaper and simpler solution to this. You may want to read along with me.

If you are very tired, people say directly that you probably have a deficiency of vitamin B12. But I have been there too and when I went to research what the real cause of that everlasting lethargy and fatigue was, I discovered something else. I myself got a lot better by that and in the meantime I heard from many other that my discovery helped them too. Vitamin B12 – and also folic acid or vitamin B11 that belongs to vitamin B-complex – is found more than enough in your food. You will find it in lots of fruit and in bread (cereals). So you do eat it. Next question: why do you still have a deficiency of this vitamin?

Well, nutrients first come into your stomach and from there into your liver. The liver now sends some ingredients of your food to your intestines and from there to the exit, while others are let through to be absorbed in your bloodstream. In order to get that done, your gal needs to produce powerful bile. Otherwise the fats that you also eat, will stay in your intestines. Vitamin B12 loves cozily nestling together with the slag there. That way it isn’t absorbed in your bloodstream and you doctor will say you have a deficiency of it.

It can very well be the case that you don’t have a deficiency of vitamin B12, but that it is just waiting in your intestines for a stronger bile. Therefore it’s better neither to take injections nor to eat pots full of this vitamin. It is wiser to just adapt your diet a bit, so that your bile will get stronger and free the vitamin B12 from your intestines.

What you need in that case, is among others iron and a few more nutrients. It also doesn’t mean you have an iron deficiency! It can be a deficiency of chromium or something else. In any case all nutrients and power you need are in berry juices. It only is necessary to check your whole diet in order to see that it supports and improves your health well.

It’s nothing complicated, you just need to make a few changes. You will see that your nutrients will be better absorbed and distributed and that you will feel better, stronger and healthier. You don’t want to miss that, do you?

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