If you want any problem in your life to be solved, read this

Yes, you read it right: ANY problem in your life can be solved the way I will show you today. This is no publicity trick. 😀

I have been telling on about 10 videos how it works, but no-one watches them. Maybe I have to write it. I will try to explain today how it works and what I am talking about. It’s not difficult and I will keep it simple.

So you may know that we’re all living on about a half brain. First of all one of our hemispheres – left and right – is dominant and for the rest a whole lot of functions just don’t work. Some things of what I say are easy to find in scientific research or everyone just knows them. Other things are difficult to find and since I don’t work for some kind of fancy research institute, I am not given access to closed websites where all the evidence that I would love to have, is closed behind bars. So I just tell you what I found by observing myself, my family and friends, my customers and actually everywhere where I see or meet people.

I have a razor sharp left hemisphere and so I am good at logics. On the other hand I’m also a medium and you would think that is contradictory. What did I find? It is NOT contradictory, because clairvoyancy and intuitive knowing are functions of the left hemisphere! And that is my dominant part of the brain, so everything until now is explainable.

With my sharp logics I filled in the puzzle of questions that I had about why and how we fall ill, what is the way out of disease and the same questions about why some people are successful and/or happy and others aren’t. And why it is so extremely difficult to change that. And I found it: it is because a lot of functions of our brain are just in the off-mode and we can turn them back on!

So now I am a left-side woman and opposite to what you may have learned, that is very rare. People who are intellectual haven’t directly got a dominant left hemisphere. In fact almost the whole planet is living on the right hemisphere and that is the most difficult one to live on: if the left one doesn’t work well, it may cause dyslexia, unhappy and even uncanny emotions that you can’t get away (because the processing tool for any emotions and other imput is on the left side), mental and physical diseases and being not successful.

The left side of the brain is actually who you are. It is connected with things like modesty, integrity, humor, fast learning and high IQ, feeling or knowing what someone else feels or EQ, all your talents, self reflection and processing of any information you get through the right side which is the entrance to you and more.

If that left hemisphere doesn’t work so well, you stay behind with depressive feelings, tons of stress, maybe even anger or frustration and you can’t get that away whatever you do. You have to reactivate your left hemisphere again and that is done by taking in iron and potassium. Not from a pot!!! Never do that, I have talked about that many times and on my videos I explain you why. From food and for the iron you can best take concentrated fruit juice from black or blueberries. No cranberries! For the potassium it is as much fruit as you can eat or else good fruit juices or smoothies.

This is the shortest way I can ever put it and I hope you now will help me share the message. I healed within 4 days from a broken thumb, partially from insomnia, from a terrible food intolerance, my skin starts improving, I have lots more energy and feel much more self-assured than I ever did and I heard from others they experience the same thing. It will cost you maybe 30 bucks for a few bottles of concentrated juice. You take 2 small glasses per day of it and after about a week you can continue with iron containing food, such as apples, berries, apple juice, spinach, sometimes a bit red meat, beets and maybe you’ve got some local vegetables or fruits that contain much iron. And keep on eating fruit for your potassium: it keeps your sodium on the right level and science knows about that.


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