I healed 7 diseases in one month. When will you join?

Since more than a month I am doing all my best to make the world understand healing from anything is possible, cheap and easy. I write and write and write, but no-one responds. I made videos, but no-one watches them, so I deleted them. What is the goal if you don’t join? What’s the joy in healing on my own?

concentrated juice

So again I will repeat what I healed within a month’s time. If you had watched my videos, you could have seen the progress in me, but you didn’t. Now you have to believe me on my word. It becomes more difficult, not easier!

These are the things that healed or that started healing, when I started supplementing my iron by drinking blackberry and blueberry concentrate:

  1. my food intolerance. I could hardly eat anything healthy anymore, but now I eat everything, even sour apples and I drink orange juice and anything I want
  2. my broken thumb. I had fallen very hard on the terrace behind our house and had broken my thumb. For 3 months it wouldn’t heal, but when I started the juices, in four days it was totally healed
  3. my administration. Maybe you will find it weird, but when you have MS, all kinds of things suddenly stop working. For years I couldn’t get my administration done and no-one was there to help me out
  4. getting help is possible again. Whatever happened to me, no-one was ready to help me. Even when I was so paralyzed from 2011 to 2015 (and it’s still not over), no doctor would help me, nothing and nowhere. Now I start getting help and people are on my side
  5. I sleep a lot better. There used to be some nights that I slept until 3 hours, but most of the time not at all. Now I sleep most nights about 5 hours. Yes: iron!
  6. I have lots more energy. Due to my disease I didn’t have any energy and couldn’t get almost anything done. Sometimes there were days on which I could get just a little bit work done, but most of the time I was obliged to lie in the bed during school hours. Now I stay up all day, feeling much more positive and doing more things on a day
  7. I have finally started losing weight. Whatever I did, I couldn’t lose even 1 gram. 37 kilos overweight. About 80 pounds. All fluid I retained and nothing could be done. Now finally after more than 20 years it starts moving. The result is still small, but the kidney disease that made my body retain all that fluid, has been healed

And things that start healing:

  • my skin is getting better. I was full of warts, pimples, boils, birthmarks and who knows what more. It was not quiet and sometimes I feared I had skin cancer. Now my skin starts being more smooth and some pimples are vanishing
  • my voice is getting better. I used to have a beautiful crystal coloratura soprano voice and an enormous talent for music, like playing piano and writing wonderful songs. But it was all lost and now it starts coming back. I have more volume, more low notes and more control when singing. Sometimes I can write songs again

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Oersap, the Dutch word for juice concentrate

I really can’t understand you are not widely sharing my articles!! Some of my friends also started the iron diet and they too experience having a lot more energy and they start having more courage, feeling more positive and hopeful and a lot more. I know there are many more people doing the diet, but they aren’t telling me their results.

Maybe in my case it was MS causing all the problems, but in ANY case it is a shortage of iron in your blood. It is measured in ul/l and doctors claim that you have ‘enough’ iron if your blood contains from 15 to 150 ul/l. I don’t agree that this is enough and I am not the only one: you need at least 125 ul/l if you really want to function well without problems or being ill.

Don’t forget what I always say: iron is not only ferritine, as doctors say. The complete iron consists of iron (ferritine), lead, laurin acid and tin. And you find that ONLY in food, never in pills. So don’t take pills, because they cost a lost of money and your liver jus spits everything out. It simply doesn’t recognise ferritine without its satellite substances. Plus you get very constipated.

This means that even if your iron is high, it’s possible that you have not enough of one of those other substances. Even then it’s good to do the iron diet, only a bit less enthusiastically. Just take apples, lemon, grapes and juice from these, so your iron will be complete. Then it will function better and you will also see many things in your life change for the better.

If your blood doesn’t have the pure strength to transport all nutrients and other substances through your body, you will fall ill. But not only that: you will also have less success and be less happy, because your brain starts functioning less well. The theory is very simple and you will see it’s true if you join me with the diet. So again: you take two half glasses (about 200 ml) of juice concentrate (very concentrated and pure juice, see picture) per day. That’s all!

After 3 until 15 days you must see differences and when you start noticing them, you can take less concentrated juices and just eat more iron containing food. Apples, lemons, grapes, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, cabbage (any kind), blueberries, blackberries and rosehips. Or other things made of those, like jam or juice.

Only one advise: I am not a doctor plus I don’t know you personally. You are always welcome for a consultancy with me, but if you are under doctor’s control, please ask if it’s safe to supplement your iron this way. Maybe you can do it half, so you take one half glass concentrated juice per day or so.

Then last but not least: it is very wise to eat as much fruit as you can and to drink good fruit juices. Fruit is more healing than anything else in the world! And don’t drink too much water. Two or three glasses per day are enough! I wish you all success in the world and do give a reaction underneath this article to share your results!


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  1. greeting Sophia! of course i follow you.i started with blackberries juice( oersap) concentrated. and today i buy pommegranate juice. thank you for being you. with a huge heart, and compassion on what ya doing. and sharing with us.
    wonderful! and thank you!

  2. Oh Sophia, I usually agree with you if you have something on offer!
    Have already enjoyed delicious pastries in recent weeks, including cherry, which I found myself less because it tasted like red wine.
    My life is already an aversion to alcohol and especially against red wine.
    Never drink that. Too bad, I’m sorry for cherries.
    Is there a good alternative to cherry juice?

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