How even hormones can help you forward

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Last week was a difficult one for me. I had quite a lot of difficult issues to solve – both private and business matters – and I had so much pain in my back that I didn’t know how long I would endure it. Felt like a donkey that stubbornly stood still and wouldn’t move whatever the boss said.

It was again a new stage in my own personal healing process. After having healed a lot of diseases and complaints, I reached the bottom of it all, which is a severely pinched nerve down in my back, that has never been treated and so it became a huge infection. And so on, and so on, and so on. After doing research I discovered that I can’t heal it, because there is still a hormone deficiency which keeps the infected nerve sick. Wrote about it in Dutch and in short it is a deficiency (or maybe better said a total lack!) of progesterone, which keeps me fat, fatter and fattest. So before I can cure my back, I first have to tell my brain to please start producing progesterone, which I did by taking pills of it.

Now this is not any promotion for taking hormone pills! It’s just a short story of how I am curing more and more, this time by taking a course of progesterone. I tell you this, because I think it’s good to know how I work. Since I tell on my website that I can cure diseases, I have to be open on how I do it. This is why I sometimes publish a bit of my own story. In short what I do, is grab all the complaints that disturb me, one by one and throw them out.

Anywayzzz … even if I know a lot about how to heal and so, I still found it very creepy to start taking hormone pills. My greatest fear was the first day, because just like vitamin D progesterone has to be produced by the body itself. That means that you have to tell your thalamus, a little egg in in the middle of your brain, to start producing more of it and the way to do so is by taking a lage amount of it for one day. That is a message that can’t be misunderstood! Just like I survived the vitamin D bomb a few months ago when I had a deficiency of that, I also survived the progesterone bomb. After the bomb I know it’s a course I need to take and after that the next stage will come. That is how real healing works.

So then you take that bomb and then every day a pill … and then you wait until the changes come. I knew it would take 5 days and I was so impatient that I counted them restlessly. And yes! Yesterday my back ache became a lot more bearable and I looked a lot better. I made a new profile picture for my website, because I believe people should know what I look like since I’m a business owner and I made even two videos. I know this time I won’t look like a zombie anymore, because my radiance is back for good. Yay! Two things cured in one day.

I know with the help of this hormone my skin troubles should become less or even cure, which I don’t even dare to hope for. And my eyes should heal too. At least a bit further. I have -6.5 dioptries now, there where I used to have (years ago) -11. It’s time for another leap forward there as well. I also found a negative influence by four people who have been taking me down and whose influence I am chasing out of my life currently.

In the next week I know more things will improve and I will keep you posted. Then you know I’m not telling you bullocks since you probably don’t know me and can’t check if I’m telling the truth. Now that the hormone is doing its work, I have to enjoy life and take good care of myself. The deepest cause of all my diseases and my difficult life is that I never received any love or kindness, so I have to give it to myself now. That’s a pleasant therapy!

In the meantime the roses in our garden have started flowering and it’s beautiful weather. In this country that happens only in May, so it couldn’t be better. This was my story for today and I’m still not good at making jokes in English. But that will come too, won’t it? Have a beautiful day and a great week ahead!


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