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More and more people are concerned about the increasing number of social problems and their impact on our daily lives. The world is getting more and more into a political impasse, while all culture and history of the Western world is sadly losing the battle against people
protesting about slavery and colonisation. Natassa Vassiliou discovered that there is an academically formed theory behind the way of thinking that so threatens society. In English it is called Critical Social Justice, sometimes also Social Justice, but in Dutch it has no name yet. Woke, an inclusive society, identity politics and anti-racism are terms that are being used. In order to give it a Dutch name, it should first be discussed. In the United States this has already started by a number of scientists in the field of sociology and anthropology through the New Discourses platform. Natassa Vassiliou’s website is probably the first in the Netherlands to follow this example supporting the intellectual discourse.

You are welcome subscribe to the blog to keep up with the subject. Natassa Vassiliou considers it important that between the battling camps of the political left and right, of vegans and meat eaters, anti-racists and people who do not think in colour, white, coloured and black people and the discussion about more democracy or more rules, discussion should be held about the future of society. The ‘left-wing’ thinking is based on knowledge from emotion and life experience, while the ‘right’ thinking is based on scientifical facts and logical thinking.