Healing neuralgic pain

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While you all are still carefully ignoring me, I helped another couple of people heal their lives and their health. I guess it’s good to know what I do for others, so you know what you yourself are missing.

So a man came to me having a lot of pain in his nervous system. His back, shoulders, arms, hips and legs were very painful and he had tried almost anything to get rid of the pain. He was exhausted and not able to work or even maintain his garden. His regular doctor gave him painkillers and sent him for physiotherapy. That didn’t help at all, so he went searching by himself what to do about it. He tried all kinds of massage, two chiropractors, even counselling and swimming. Nothing. He took hot and cold baths with special herbs, but that too didn’t work. He was desperate when he came to me and I will tell you what I did to lessen his pain.

First I asked him when the pain had started. It took him a while to find the moment, because it was decades ago. It was a car accident when he was still a young boy, sitting with his father in their car. The crash shocked him both physically and emotionally, although at first he wasn’t wounded. Ever since that accident he worried a lot about the tiniest things and he couldn’t stop doing that. A few months later he started developing nerve pains. First in his shoulders, then his arms. Later on his whole back and in the end his hips and legs.

When he remembered the story of the car accident, he already felt relieved. Now we could look at what happened in his body, in order to start the healing process. If you have followed me, you will know that the shock of the car crash caused damage in his frontal lobe; the part of the brain just behind the forehead. He wasn’t able to process his worries and that is why they piled up. The forehead needs sodium and potassium, so we had to check if he had a defiency of those minerals or if they were just not well absorbed from his food or transported to the brain. We found it was the latter, when I looked the clairvoyant way.

The limbic system in German!

That was step 1, because physical complaints can’t be caused by only a damage in the frontal lobe. The thalamus, the little egg in the middle of your head, part of the limbic system, needs to have a calcium deficiency as well. That way all signs and complaints from the whole body aren’t anymore assembled there in the thalamus, so they can be sent on to different parts of the brain that will help out. That makes you physically ill. After all, if the brain doesn’t know you are in pain, it can’t send for natural painkillers and selfhealing stuff!

When we looked for the cause of the lack of calcium in my patient’s thalamus, we found the calcium all heaped up in his lower back and somewhere else in his limbic system. We couldn’t find the exact place, but we did know there was a transport problem to solve and not a deficiency to supplement. Since he suffered very much for pain in his back, I made a eucalyptus oil for him, that he could rub on his back and belly. In order to supplement the calcium, sodium and potassium deficiencies, I went through his diet and made a few changes. Then I advised him to drink juice concentrate of blueberries or blackberries once a day for the next couple of weeks and after that to call me back.

He indeed called me back after 3 weeks and told me, not-believing it yet, that his neuralgia had deminished. I looked at him another time, made another few changes in his diet and asked him if he thought he would be able to start a bit fitness. He said he thought so and promised me to ask advise from his family doctor as well. She was just as surprised as he himself was and indeed sent him to a physiotherapist to start some exercise. After another couple of weeks he called me back again, already a bit used to the miraculous changes. He told me the pain was almost gone and that he was allowed to go to sportschool the next month for some quiet fitness.

This is just an example of how I help people heal by taking away the root of the problem and by having discovered what I need to do and to advise to my patients and clients.


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