Granddad about Sophia Vassiliou

Sophia could always get really well along with her granddad, her adoption mother’s father. He said the following words to her;

You are a little, smart know-all, you. You will go to university just like your granddad. I think you are going to study languages, because you are so good at it! Almost too good.

You are going to get far in life, because you are sweet, funny and intelligent. I will leave you my desk stuff when I won’t be there anymore. [Granddad was a lawyer and indeed Sophy has got his old desk, which she loves].

Don’t ever forget that you used to sit next to me on my armchair as a little girl. On the edge, where a child just fits. Then you would listen to my stories about the past and you wanted to know everything about how things used to be. You wanted to write with my pen, stamp with my seal and you were a little lawyer, just like me.

-Adrianus Stolk, M.A., Sophia’s granddad who died to her great grief when she was 11 years old


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