Reviews about my website and myself

Many students found me a real good teacher in the time of my language school

There is a long list of testimonials in Dutch, of which I will translate some into English. I find it strange to translate my own reviews, but will help you a bit to get an idea.

  • Hi Sophia, what a story! I assume you are still the same warm-hearted person that I remember you to be. So the bond will sure stay, even if I don’t know what to think about the things you’re telling now. So let the contact continue!
    Warm regards,
    Pieter de Kruijf
  • Sophia, thank you very much! How wonderful that you can give such elaborate answers to such different questions!
    love, Matthijs
  • You are so great. So much work and then you also keep us informed. [I have] So much respect for the way you go. Thanks
  • And this one is by a group of Dutch learners in the time I had my language center: We learned a lot in the Summercourse of 2010. We talked about many different subject, did a finishing touch on the grammar and all that in only 3 weeks.
    -Group of Summer students 2010


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