Reviews about my healing and medicine

Many students found me a real good teacher in the time of my language school

There is a long list of testimonials in Dutch, of which I will translate something into English. These are about my healings, medicine and also about the language courses of my previous business:

  • Sophia does a unique healing work with etheric perceptions, that most of us can’t do. This is why it is impossible to check her work. The fact that she is so open and honestly admits her limitations, provides a most reliable impression. My transformation processes run a lot faster since her session
    -Micha Beuger,
  • I went looking on the website, met Sophia there, with all my own problems and those of my children and grandchildren. A new world opened, with new energy, solutions, it is as if you get into a new body. So many beautiful things come to you, I couldn’t even numerate them. You would almost say: your wishes get fulfilled!!! Even for the business world it’s going to be HAPPY. Sophia has powers that are inmeasurable, she is a great person!


  • Sophia helped me get rid of heavy migraines. The sessions were somewhat weird, because she eliminated all different people from me, who had made me ill and who had been abusing my artistic talent. But the problems did get solved. When she went to help my little brother with his dyslexia, first my father recovered from his dyslexia and afterwards my brother himself wasn’t bothered by it anymore either
  • I have spoken to Sophia a few times in a short while and she was the first person who was able to explain me very clearly in what situation me and my family find ourselves. Sophia helped me, my uncle and family very much and we saw a lot of changes.
    Sophia, thank you so much for your help, your time and your wise words. I am sure I will call you again a few times more. Kisses, Naim

I find it enough! Now you have some idea of what people think about my treatments. I don’t like to say it myself and to translate it.



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