Testimony in a shop

I don’t know what ‘juice concentrate’ is. But we do have these juices by Schulp. They are very good and concentrated. [Those were indeed the juices Sophia meant in order to recuperate].

I once before took blackberry juice for a while on someone else’s advice. Believe me or not, but I did quit smoking. Before using the juice I wasn’t succesful, so it must have done something. [That’s right: strength and oxygen]

During the last weeks I again tried blueberry juice on your advice. Every day two little glasses with a bit water added. That’s not a problem, is it? [No, it isn’t!] And now I suddenly don’t need my reading glasses anymore. Look, they’re still there, but I never wear them anymore!


-testimonial for Sophia Vassiliou by a shop owner from St. Annaparochie ( a small village in the north of the Netherlands)


©Sophia Vassiliou – Vassiliou Empowerment


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