Trauma healing

Written by Theo B., ex-patient and friend

If you really wish to recover from any disease or health complaints, three disciplines come together: medicine, psychology and linguistics. Medicine and psychology you will understand, but I will probably have to explain why linguistics are evenly important.


Background: what happens in your brain

Wernicke's area
Wernicke’s area

As Sophia Vassiliou always tells you, the deepest cause of all physical and mental diseases is a shock or traumatic experience from your past, which causes a nutrient deficiency. The shock experience causes a little damage at three places in the brain: the frontal lobe (directly behind your forehead), the thalamus in the limbic system (right between your ears) and Wernicke’s area on the back side of your brain.

Wernicke’s area is one of the two linguistic areas in your brain. If you wish to heal the damage there, you need certain speech acts: sentences or words that have been locked. They have once been said to you with a certain emotional weight on them, that stopped your body from healing itself. Those specific speech acts must be said so you will regain your integrity. Then your complaint will be free to heal.

If you skip this phase, it is impossible to heal. Yes, for a short while maybe, but very soon afterwards you will fall ill again with the same disease or with something else. Real healing means that you will not fall ill again and that you stay healthy! That is why a linguist is needed. It is Sophia’s own discovery that this is how it works and it is crucial in your healing process. Moreover she isn’t only a linguist, but also coached many students in her practice and before that as a business trainer.


For which diseases and complaints does Sophia’s method work?

All physical diseases also have a psychological component. Body and mind (your brain) are one, aren’t they? So you will have to pass by this phase of processing your shock experiences, whatever disease you may have. MS, cancer, Crohn disease, Parkinson disease, rheumatism, herpes, COPD; chronical pain, anorexia or bulimia, addictions: it is valid for all diseases.

Also all psychological diseases and disorders find their base in a traumatic or shock experience. Depression, burnout, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, learning disorder, dyslexia, Tourette syndrom, OCD, psychosis, multiple personality disorder (DIS): in case of any psychological problem you need to process the shock behind it, so that you can start supplementing your nutrients for once and for all.

However strange it may sound to you: also psychological illnesses are based on nutrient deficiencies. Just think of research done with depressive people: they turned out to have low sodium. It may also feel liberating that your problem is in fact physical: a deficiency of some nutrient or hormone.


How you process a traumatic experience

Sophia Vassiliou read a lot about trauma processing and tried a lot of methods herself. They all helped a bit, but never totally. Not any shock really disappeared with any existing method and so she started researching how to do it better. In regular psychology you have to remember your traumatic experience and to concentrate on it in order to process it. Sometimes even while the therapist lets you hear all kinds of noises or shows you movements. Sophia found that a barbarian way of ‘healing’ and discovered a better way to process traumas.

Therefore we take a look at the brain. It is your frontal lobe – the piece of the brain just behind your forehead – and not you yourself that should process all impressions you get from outside. So everything you hear, see and feel. If you now experience a shock, because someone says something mean to you, the processing stops. The words that have been said to you remain in the Wernicke’s area, because you can’t understand that this person really said that thing to you.  If it is a trauma by e.g. an accident, a fall or abuse, then this same area can’t understand that this bad thing really happened to you.

That moment a thought flashes through your mind. Examples of such thoughts: I will never love anyone anymore, I will never exercise anymore, I can never finish my study anymore, I never want to feel anymore etcetera. That thought can neither be understood nor be processed. What happens next, is that you indeed can’t feel anymore, can’t study anymore, can’t exercise or can’t love anymore and so on. Your thalamus arranges that the nutrients that normally help you do these things, aren’t distributed anymore.


This is how processing a trauma or shock works

This is why a traumatic experience always keeps on lingering, which makes you longterm ill or gives you psychological damage in the form of a disorder. If you want to get over it, you have to pass by that trauma or shock experience. Problem is that this can be extremely painful and exactly because the damage is also in Wernicke’s area, it may be difficult for you to talk about it. The solution to this problem is Sophia’s knowledge of human nature and sharp intuition: a few words are enough for her to track down your shock experience. She is able to diminish the pain with the help of her healing gift.

Then you can talk about it more easily or it may not be needed anymore to talk about it. It is not necessary at all to endlessly talk about a trauma before it finally starts healing! No, your frontal lobe has to process it. It makes the experience small, eliminates the pain, so only a painless memory of a difficult moment in your life is left over. So you have to get your frontal lobe working again, which is done the way I am explaining here. I have experienced myself how Sophia helped me in her way. And yes: the pain and sorrow just disappeared from my memories.

As soons as all traumatic and shocking experiences have been processed, you can start supplementing your nutrients. You will need some pills for that, but also powerful food. In most cases that will be high quality fruit juices, but it differs from one person to another what is needed. That food will make your complaints diminish, because your brain and organs receive again the nutrients they have been missing for such a long time. That way they start working again and you will start healing.


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