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Winter slowly comes into the land. In the morning you go slipping to the garage to get your bike or your car and you can see your breath everywhere around you. If it goes on like this, we will be able to skate even before Christmas!
Have you already made up your Christmas tree and hung up winter lights throughout your house? And have you already started taking extra orange juice for not falling ill too many times until Spring? Well, let's go then to Sophia's December newsletter about how to protect yourself against cold and flu!


When I was a kid, we had to take a spoonful of a syrup called Sanostol a day. It was vitamin C, because the doctors in that time thought that was a good idea. Later on we had vitamin pills and now we don't know anymore how to protect ourselves against winter diseases like the flu.

Well, the most beautiful thing that is full of vitamin C is an orange! And in an orange there is not only vitamin C, but chrome, vitamin B and cobalt as well. And a lot of other substances that are very good for getting through winter time. If you drink one or two glasses of orange juice a day from Autumn until Spring, you won't easily fall ill.

And then there is this other wonderful flower: camomille! It helps against many diseases and complaints and so one day I wanted to know what it really did. The base of the root, let's say. And I found that it provides you with wisdom and inner peace. But not only you! It also provides your body with wisdom, so it knows how to get your selfhealing ability going. That means that you (partially) recover from a lot of diseases, including the flu, if you drink one or two glasses of camomille tea a day while ill. Or even before falling ill! You can add a bit lemon juice and honey or cane sugar if you like.

I wish you a healthy and warm winter and greet you for now. Before Christmas I will write you again a short newsletter. You may share this email newsletter anywere you like!

Warm regards,

Sophia Vassiliou

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