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While Spring is doing her very best to lighten up our spirits by sending huge amounts of sunrays, Winter doesn't withdraw without a solid feud and doesn't let the temperature rise nicely above 15°C. "It's not yet May", it sings off-tune, while performing its crazy dance amongst the tulips and narcissi. My violets already succumbed to its rage.

In the meantime Spring is also approaching in a totally different way: years ago when I started my practice, I had to work very hard for each and every progress in the fight against illness and other health complaints. Nowadays, healing is most of the time a lot easier and it goes way faster. Sometimes I can't believe my own eyes! In only one consultation I can pull someone out of a severe depression or heal them from a whole disease. When I afterwards hear my client tell how much better he or she feels and how he or she is taking up life again, I am astonished.

I saw with my own eyes how people got healed from dyslexia in just one consultation. Or they picked up life again after not having done anything for years. Started a new hobby, found a job and picked up their studies all at the same time. Their eyes improved by more than one dioptry, their children got over all their learning disabilities and their AD(H)D was gone - all in just one consultation and sometimes two. It's unbelieveable, but it does happen!

I know you will now say that that which heals my patients is probably the attention and the belief I provide them with. That is certainly not a lie! A friendly word and a listening ear can perform miracles. Many therapists, e.g. psychologists, have this as their only working tool and they are sometimes able to help people improve their life. Still what I do experience time and time again, is that the unique energetical work I perform, does the lot. If I don't do that, the improvement doesn't last and my clients fall back into their complaints or old habits. Not sometimes, but always.

This isn't a promise for anyone who is still going to come to my practice. How fast a person heals, depends on a few factors:

  • how many negative and mean people they had and possibly still have in their direct environment
  • and how many shocks or traumas they have experienced in their life.
Yet no matter what the circumstances are, I always achieve an enormous improvement in anyone. Even if people give up hope and quit treatments too soon. It is a pity not to allow yourself that! You can make an appointment right now. My telephone numbers are underneath and I am of course provided with Whatsapp and social media, where you can also contact me. The only thing I don't like is email! If you want a fast reaction, use any of all other possibilities to contact me or even just pass by. I'm home most of the time.

Warm regards,

Sophia Vassiliou

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