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Dear subscriber,

It's been a little while since you received my last newsletter. That is because I prefer not to write anything to writing something useless.

In the meantime I restyled my website and my logo. Discovered that I am a coach as much as a healer, because now that most of the energetic work has been done, my work is to provide my patients and clients with self-confidence and to help them process their traumatic and shock experiences by doing it for them. I still find it remarkable and miraculous that they really, really do start healing after I have done this. I see their self-confidence grow and the disease of other cause of their suffering melt away and that makes me feel grateful.

Maybe you find it strange that I can actually process traumas for others. I myself find that too, but it does work very well. Since I am a results-oriented person, I am simply happy about it, but I will explain you how it works. My processing 'tool' - the frontal lobe - in the brain works on full speed and so it goes much faster if I do it. It doesn't effect me at all.

Processing a trauma means that this little processing machine in the brain takes out the pain of it. Afterwards it will be a memory that you can easily remember and talk about without feeling anything. Just like any other memory that has been processed! This is exactly the reason why it doesn't matter who takes out the pain: if it is just taken out, that's enough!

This way of trauma processing works a lot easier than the so popular and extremely painful method EMDR. Plus with EMDR you hide the trauma: you don't even process it! That is why many people aren't served by it and why it also causes unconscious behaviour afterwards. I have never understood why people choose this way, since it takes so much time and energy! It costs a lot more money than my method as well. Give your difficulties to me and let me eliminate the pain. I offer it, so why not opt for it?

I have an enhanced brain that can handle all the pain of the whole world without getting traumatised myself. You have read a few things I have been through in my life and have seen they weren't easy. And I am still going through so much pain, but I am not succumbing to any depression or whatever symptoms of not being able to process the horrible experiences. I am still a loving and warm person. Can you give any example of someone who is like me? I don't think so! I absorb and heal traumas and diseases, because I am made for that. Like I told you: people already start healing when I just walk on the street and they pass by.

The 'bad stuff' we pass through in our lives is much too heavy to process for most people! You may have experienced a totally loveless childhood: how are you ever going to process that? Or child abuse, one failure after the other, years of undescribable physical pain, one or even several terrible relationships, your child being taken away by Youth Care ... just to mention a few examples. Fill in yours and you will see they are far too large to be processed by the human brain.

Yet if you want to heal your life, you must process everything until the last piece of it and gain full self-confidence. That is what is required to heal and only I can provide that. As I said: give me your pain and you will heal.

Now please send on this newsletter and don't keep it only for yourself!

Warm regards,

Sophia Vassiliou


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