Corruption and government stealing: how it worked

You sure have noticed that during the last 50 years the western world has gained lots and lots of wealth. Possibly you have also noticed that the whole rest of the world has suffered big material losses.

Not only have some individual people gained enormous amounts of money, but even whole countries have. And there where you see that others have gone bankrupt, there are other whole countries that are bankrupt now. That is because the gaining of wealth was not done in an honest and pure way: it went to the cost of others.

That is because people have seen their chance to get anything they wanted by “spiritual” means like The Secret, meditations and all kinds of so-called “manifestation” or “creation” courses. Create your wealth and things like that. And there they were taught to direct things their way in some kind of an energetic way, which unfortunately worked really well. So people could become famous without knowing anything, just with the occupation of “star” or so or “import-export” and stuff like that. Or in politics and banking and so on.

I’m certainly not an expert in money affairs and also not in politics. But I know a bit how that so-called “creating your life out of nothing” business worked. With witchcraft, with chique and extremely pricy business trainings, with coaches that asked for thousands of euros or dollars (whatever) without doing a thing and so on. Some people were and are still literally rolling in money and in the good life stuff.

People who aren’t pure and honest, were able to attract whole worlds of goods, money, good reputation, excellent job, marriage and health to themselves, to the cost of others. Those others also tried to use those methods of course, because they saw their whole life sinking. But it wouldn’t work for them or they just saw in time that it wasn’t honest to do so. If normal (good) people had been able to use those strange powers, they would have made the whole world rich, not only themselves! Since that didn’t happen, we can state that it wasn’t a proper way of ‘creating’.

So far the bad news part. There is also good news: all those people built their house on the sand and now that these methods don’t work anymore, they are starting to lose their fakely acquired wealth. That is because life in itself isn’t corrupt, fake or dishonest and so justice always wins in the end. Whole countries in which ministers and so have been cooking tricks to get money their way, are also losing it. Thing is there that it’s the politicians themselves who have been stealing the money from the civilians, not the state as a whole. So you don’t need to be afraid your country will become poor. No, these cookers will and we, the civilians, will have a better life.

Anyway, I think this was enough for today 🙂 . Important is that we can start acquiring a nice life ourselves now in a normal way. The way we (almost) lost, because it didn’t work anymore. Whatever we did, we’d just go down. But not anymore! Everyone has got the right to be happy and fulfilled.

Music! Adrenalin and cheerfulness today by 2CELLOS, a Croatian duo of classical cello players featuring Steve Vai and somewhere an invisible drum secretly plays along. Highway to hell for you to feel you’re still alive:


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