Schedule: from Monday until Thursday from 9:00 AM until about 5:00 PM. Friday from 09:00 till 12:00 AM.


  • Consultations cost €65,00 per hour or €100,– per 2 hours. Appointments should be made in advance. Rates for a live consultation or through telephone or Skype (or Whatsapp, Facebook or whatever other communication channel) are the same.
  • Travel cost is € 0,19 per km.
  • Lectures don’t have a fixed rate. It depends how much work it is to prepare and where I need to get myself to.

Amounts are payed in advance on my bank account.

General conditions for companies and organisations. For the time being they are in Dutch and you can find them here on this page. On the Dutch version of this page, you can also find the conditions for private clients. You can also use this form below:




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