“It is not the most unimportant part of a task to know how to deal with it”
Erasmus, 1469-1536

When I started healing professionally in 2011, I used to start immediately. The whole world was full of energetic litter and so I could start directly eliminating it. In time the heaps of litter became smaller worldwide. This is why you can see much faster if a person you get along with, is good for you or not. It is also clearly visible now that medical science has its limits to its possibilities to help out with many diseases and complaints. Political leaders and business people are far more easily exposed than was the case for years.

This is the reason why I now hold an intake at the first consultation to see what your situation is now and where you’d like to be. More health, more strokes of luck, more friends, a nicer job, less nasty people around you, less financial problems, a happy relationship with your partner and maybe your family, a peaceful head, kids who are happy at school … If you are ill, we look for the deepest cause of it during the first consultation, so that you can recover from it. Therefore that takes two hours, which is not necessary (but of course you are welcome) if you come for something else.

My target group consists of people who really want improvement in their life. People who – just like I do – believe and know you can indeed recover from a lot of diseases that are known as incurable. Who care about seriously working on it (of course with humor). And as the Dutch scientist Erasmus already said 500 years ago: it is kinda handy to know how to deal with such a task. An intake!


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