Sophia’s city Thessaloniki


After grammar school Sophia Vassiliou graduated in master’s studies in French and Greek literature and linguistics, which she started at the Uva University of Amsterdam and finished at the AUTH, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. During her studies she specialised in sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics and in the links between language, civilisation and consciousness. She got Sorbonne II in French, the licence to teach Dutch to foreigners and studied singing at music school.

She taught Greek, French and Dutch for 25 years: at schools, in civil integration and in-company with her own business Parnassós Talen. Many well-known and international companies were her enormously satisfied customers and her business went excellent. When around 2011 she fell ill with progressive MS, she wasn’t anymore able to teach and lead a business. She had to find a way to survive, because her family needed her and the doctors – both regular and alternative – turned their back on her. So she started researching what makes people ill and what possibly heals them again. She discovered that she was clairvoyant, that she could see the energetic world and take away blocks and inhibitions from there. By doing so while trying to find out how diseases worked, she survived and recovered from the serious paralysis that had already reached her lungs. Without her profound research and healing work she would have lived for at most another 3 months, before dying in a very painful way from suffocation and leaving behind two young children.

She also had the disease of Lyme however, which brought a lot of complications and co-infections, like COPD and a derogation in the nervous system that caused her constant strokes. Finally she had a double hernia, that was never discovered by any of her doctors, but that was confirmed by her physiotherapist, so that she could start healing it. It took her years, because no-one has ever recovered from such diseases and all the knowledge about how to heal them, had first to be discovered by her. Yet she succeeded, maar her recovery wasn’t received with any recognition – even while the scans and all the proof were there. She was called a charlatan by jealous doctors and therapists, who had apparently preferred to see her die with all the consequences for her children, who didn’t have a place to go to after her passing away. Even the solid proof of many others that had with her help been healed from serious diseases, didn’t raise any interest in them for Sophia’s discoveries.

So now that she finally starts healing from the last illness, she decided to continue her career as a columnist and author. With her college education and long experience as a blogger she learned how to write well in several languages and she finds pleasure in writing. Sophia Vassiliou possesses a lot of experience in quite a lot of fields: education, children, immigration, cuisine and health are some examples.