The Aristoteles Square in Sophia’s city Thessaloniki


After grammar school Sophia Vassiliou graduated in master’s studies in French and Greek literature and linguistics, which she started at the Uva University of Amsterdam and finished at the AUTH, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. During her studies she specialised in sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics and in the links between language, civilisation and consciousness. She taught Dutch to students and staff of the AUTH. Furthermore she studied singing at the Central Music School (Κεντρικό Ωδείο).

gr-filosofikiFor years Sophia was a singer in Greek music clubs. Her repertory: Greek rembetica, Greek and international popmusic, soul and jazz. The extended knowledge of the Greek language, music, cuisine and traditional medicine, but also of the ancient, Byzantine and modern Greece and in general her knowledge about history and cultures, learned in Thessaloniki, became crucial for her later work as a healer and coach. If you would like to know more about Sophia’s study and career, you can find it here on LinkedIn.

Healing was perhaps not her job, but Sophia Vassiliou was certainly no newbie on the subject. In her youth she was already very interested in psychology and natural medicine and she read a number of books by Carl Jung. She also read many self-improvement books and other therapeutical works, such like books by Dr. Alfred Vogel, the Dutch botanist Mellie Uyldert, by Johanna Kortink about binge eating, different books by Deepak Chopra about health and success and by Masaru Emoto about water. About psychology she read Conny Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams and she read Michel Foucault whom she knew from her university studies. Furthermore she read about becoming successful, about education and so on by Stephen Covey, Thomas Gordon, Elaine Aron, Wendy Lammers van Toorenburg, Daniel Goleman, Dr. Sears about health and a loving education for children, Lillian Too about feng shui, books about Tao, the Bhagavad Gita, about Avatars, Brandon Bays about The Journey, Byron Katie about The Work, Hans ten Dam about reincarnation therapy and different books by March & McEvers about astrology in order to better understand different personalities.

Sophia had an existential trauma since she had been given up by her biological family and adopted, but she knew it was more than that. It was the reason for her continuous lack of any luck or happiness in her life. She wished to be more successful and started reading about it and trying out all kinds of therapies. By doing reincarnation therapy herself, she discovered even more traumas due to serious child and sexual abuse in her youth; she managed to heal them. Not only by visualising the healing, but also by deeply thinking about it and by processing the traumas in her brain on the subtle level. She applied this method to her children too when they passed difficult times and to more and more people, because she was so successful at it. That was because Sophia applied existing therapies like The Journey and reincarnation therapy in a more minute way, so that they acquired the utmost depth and people started healing on the cellular level – even deeper than that.

oleander-rondWhen Sophia was confronted with progressive MS since 2012, all her knowledge about how to heal wasn’t sufficient anymore. She had to heal all by herself from severe paralysis, because her family needed her. Her doctor and neurologist cold-bloodedly turned their back on her and alternative medicine only knew extremely expensive food supplements and a stone age diet, that made Sophia even more sick. So she continued her path towards healing on which she had already achieved her first successes. The solution showed itself when she decided to combine elements of all methods from traditional and modern medicine that had survived from ancient eras. She complemented this treasure with knowledge that had perished, as she became clairvoyant. That way she was able to see the after-life which she subjected to a thorough investigation. This is how the only real way to heal from all diseases, complaints, disorders and even bad luck and setback came to existence. Most important was that her study of linguistics was exactly what she needed in order to heal herself and other.

Sophia coached and healed patients and clients from the Netherlands, from Belgium, Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Bonaire, Suriname, Afghanistan, Turkey, Algeria, Greece, Morocco and Iran. On the page ‘testimonials‘ a few examples of healed people can be seen (in Dutch).


Thank you for everything you did for me. You deserve a medal
-a former patient



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