Thessaloniki boulevard
Thessaloniki boulevard


Sophia Vassiliou did master’s studies in French and Greek literature and linguistic, first at the Uva University of Amsterdam and later at the AUTH, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She also graduated from the school for management secretary at Schoevers in Amsterdam. She hoped to become less chaotic and better organised there and she made it! She followed a school programme for civil integration teacher in Zwolle, Netherlands and Sorbonne II, a school for French teachers at the Institut Français in Thessaloniki. Furthermore she studied singing at the Central Music School (Κεντρικό Ωδείο) also in Thessaloniki. She taught Dutch to students and staff of the AUTH.

Back in the Netherlands and a mother, she taught languages and communication at secondary and professional schools, but her heart lay in having her own business. She became a language trainer and was very succesful with her business Parnassós Talen (Languages). She thanked her success to her exquisite communicative and teaching skills, her enormously well equipped classroom and her reasonable rates. She also worked in civil integration as a teacher and project leader during that period. Some of her customers: Stichting Marin, Unilever, Teeling Petfood, Menzis, Novartis, Wageningen University and Research center, Aramco and Sodexho, LTP, UWV Arnhem, Melkweg Holland, Campina, Friese Poort Bedrijfsopleidingen, Agri Retail (delivers to the huge garden centers Boerenbond and Welkoop), Sparq Amstelveen, NCB Projects, Language Partners, Emons Cargo, Vertaalbureau Concorde Groep and Gabriel Tsaligopoulos Translation Agency.

Nowadays Sophia Vassiliou lives in Friesland

She discovered the solution for illness, setbacks and more complaints, when she passed through such a difficult period with illness and adversity, that she didn’t believe anymore it would ever end. What can you do in such a situation? Sophia has an academic background in languages, communication and music. Not anything medical, yet she had to get healed from severe paralysis, because her family needed her. Her doctor and neurologist cold-bloodedly turned their back on her and alternative medicine only knew extremely expensive food supplements and a stone age diet, that made Sophia even more sick. The solution came when the whole family became clairvoyant. That way she could see the very root of the problem by watching the earth from the here-after: a perspective that no-one else has and so she taught herself to solve impossible problems and to heal incurable diseases. She cured many people from illness, but also from a non-fulfilling and unsuccessful life.

Sophia coached and healed patients and clients from the Netherlands, from Belgium, Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Bonaire, Suriname, Afghanistan, Turkey, Algeria, Greece, Morocco and Iran. On the page ‘testimonials‘ a few examples of healed people can be seen (in Dutch). She nowadays still coaches people to a successful life, but doesn’t heal anymore.



Thank you for everything you did for me. You deserve a medal
-a formal patient



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