Thessaloniki boulevard
Thessaloniki boulevard


“Wisdom starts with wondering”
Socrates, 469 v.C. – 399 v.C.


Education: gymnasium, French and Greek literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a couple of minor courses.
Experience: 25 years of education from teaching private lessons via Dutch for foreigners and teaching on primary school until university and until in-company trainings; almost 10 years self-employed allround coach.

literature faculty Thessaloniki
I studied at this wonderful literature faculty


I may probably say I’m a coach in heart and soul, but actually I do everything from my heart. Singing, writing, cooking, teaching, educating my kids … Until now I have helped patients and clients from the Netherlands, from Belgium, Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Bonaire, Suriname, Afghanistan, Turkey, Algeria, Greece, Morocco and Iran heal from diseases and an unhappy life. The list is far from being complete, so you are welcome in my practice!

Some of my articles have been published on Fortem, a small business in the mental health field.

I discovered lots of solutions for various problems when I passed through such a difficult period with illness and adversity, that I didn’t believe anymore it would ever end. In that time I didn’t have an idea that this was the heritage of an extremely negative – possibly narcissist – partner. What can you do in such a situation? I have an academic background in languages, communication and music. Not anything medical, but I did have to get healed, because my family needed me. Then my brain gave me a hand by making me clairvoyant, so that I could see the very root of the problem and eliminate it.

Nowadays we live between cows, horses and sheep on the countryside

Result: after almost 10 years of hard work I don’t need to ‘heal’ anymore. So I don’t need to go into concentration anymore to catch ghosts as I call it. Now it is enough to help people process their traumas, shocks and other negative experiences from their past. Then their brain will start working again on full capacity: by sending minerals through the body, by receiving and responding to signs from the rest of the body and by processing nasty experiences. If you do that together with me, those experiences will really get processed. I don’t lock them up somewhere in your brain and I don’t play any other jokes with them. I help you process them and then you will start healing. Also from diseases that are known as incurable!


Exactly because I am the one who found the whole way to the cure to diseases and other things you don’t want in your life, I have never sought certification. For who could teach me something new now? I am the one who discovered, not a follower who did some schooling and now starts working according to a protocol that has been established by someone else. I could certify others myself and who knows I will do so. There are already a few people who are very good at it. The profession of a coach is all about thinking out-of-the-box! Since I know you can’t get a discount via your health insurance because I don’t fit in a certification, I keep my rates low. That’s the deal!


Thank you for everything you did for me. You deserve a medal
-a formal patient


Here is a music video by me, just recorded at home with my old laptop. It is one of the most beautiful Greek songs for you: Έλα πάρε μου τη λύπη (ela pare mou ti lypi – come, take away my sadness), written by one of Greece’s best composers, Manos Chatzidakis.




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