This is a super cool, awesome and wonderful relaxation exercise. Whenever I do it, I always feel really happy, so I will share it with you and translate it in English now. I revised it a bit and emphasized the breathing. Then you will have more oxygen, which helps against acidification of your body, but also of your mood. Everything becomes a bit easier and more supple: moving, life itself and your body will hurt less. You can do this exercise as often as you like.

Please open a window during the exercise, so you will breathe real fresh air. Wrap yourself in a blanket if it’s cold! Now sit down, at ease, totally comfortable. No need to tie yourself up in a lotus sit or whatever. Just relax and be your beautiful self. Let all stress and anxiety flow away from you by taking deep breaths in and out. Ten times is a good start.

Let your belly all swell like a balloon while you breathe in. So you fill up your lungs from the top to the bottom with fresh air. When you lungs are filled, wait a few seconds and then breathe out. Let your belly become totally thin and skinny while breathing out, so that all air will be pressed out. If you prefer to stand up while doing the exercise or to lie down, just do it! Don’t worry if you can’t directly relax. It will come in time. If you can’t breathe 10 times, do it as many times as you can. Practice makes perfect!

Don’t worry about anything! You are good as you are and life is as it is. Thoughts come and go. Let it be. Everything is as it is and now you will nicely fresh yourself up, so afterwards you will feel great.

Do close your eyes if that helps you to concentrate. Now please open your heart. Concentrate on it and feel the portal open. You will feel as if you are lifted and that is because you relax.

Continue breathing and let more and more stress flow away from you. Don’t worry if you don’t feel totally relaxed yet. You collect a lot of anxiety throughout the day and that doesn’t easily leave you … let go a bit with each breath.

Now relax your face, muscle by muscle. Take the time for it and when you find it enough, then go to the next muscle. Take another breathe in and out before you start with another part of your body. Don’t worry, just feel what you feel! Ready? Now it is time to relax your neck: again muscle by muscle. A whole lot of stress is collected in this place, so take the time to let go of it. And keep on breathing deep in the meantime.

Can you feel the love and the softness? Sometimes we forget what love is, because we are so imprisoned in your daily life, that stresses us out. But love is actually just being your beautiful self, being relaxed and feel good. Doing something nice for someone else or for yourself. When you are as relaxed as possible, you will also be open for possibilities to meet the love of your life.

Take another breath and now feel your spine and your whole back. The relaxation goes down, a weight falls from your shoulders and maybe you will want to sigh a bit. Don’t hesitate! Be yourself, be free, sing if that makes you feel happy. Feel the relaxation go down and more down. Feel it in your chest and in your arms. You start feeling nicely heavy, because the stress is leaving you.

The heavy feeling is also caused because your brain produces those slow waves: theta waves. They help you to relax. After the exercise, when you will get up, your brain will restart producing quicker waves, because then you will be active. That doesn’t mean you won’t be relaxed anymore, but if you’re full of theta waves, it’s difficult to move!

Now the relaxation goes more down to your diafragma and at the backside to the middle of your back. To your belly, all the organs there and to the lowest part of your back. There is another network of nerves there, where stress keeps hanging on. Breathe deep, then you will be easier released of it.

Time for your hips, your pelvis and then the relaxation continues towards your legs. Maybe you will feel that on your back, chest, ears or wherever stress is still coming out. Your whole body de-stresses and you let go of all the knots with the help of your concentration and your deep breaths.

Your upper legs, then your knees, your under legs and then your feet start relaxing. Now you are in a state where you would loved to stay it it forever. So do stay in it a bit longe, because you know it will be gone as soon as get on your feet and start moving. Enjoy being totally relaxed now and repeat this exercise as often as you like. Feel free to share it with others by sharing this article.

When you are ready to get up and pick up your day again, do so. This is a great moment to wish for something you would like to happen in your life. Do a wish and send it to God. He will help you.


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