My services are healing and coaching! I heal people from physical and mental illness and other complaints.

I see the inhibitions that stand in the way of being cured, because I am clairvoyant. When I eliminate them, you start healing. Afterwards I advise medicinal alimentation or herbs to enforce the healing.



A consultation can take place here in the practice, but also via Skype, Whatsapp video, Facebook Messenger with video or even by telephone.


Rate per hour:                €65,00
Rate per 2 hour session:   €100,00



I work on basis of trust, as I have always done. I do all my best and give the full 100% of my potential for you. If you haven’t had a lot of negative people around you, healing can happen real fast. I have healed patients from diseases in one session, but can’t do that for everyone.

Payment is in advance on my bank account. You can app or call me for an appointment and then I will give you the data you need.



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