My services are healing and coaching! I help you to a successful career in a good job or your own business where you feel comfortable and where you are in the right place. I also help you with family issues, health issues and to stop too many setbacks. But my main work is that I heal people from physical and mental illness and other complaints.

sophia-aanhetwerkI work like this: you tell me about your issue and I start peering – with eyes open or closed – to find the energetic causes. Then I eliminate them, by seeing them and pulling them away. I find and heal traumas in the same way. Afterwards I advise medicinal alimentation or herbs to enforce the healing.






A consultation can take place here in the practice, but also via Skype, Whatsapp video, Facebook Messenger with video or even by telephone.


Rate per hour:                €65,00
Rate per 2 hour session:   €100,00



I work on basis of trust, as I have always done. I do all my best and give the full 100% of my potential for you. Therefore I want you to fully trust me and to give me the chance to do my job. I also want you to be reasonable, not demanding that I heal a disease you have had for 20 years or longer in a few sessions. Again: if you haven’t had a lot of negative people around you, healing can happen real fast. I have healed patients from diseases in one session, but can’t do that for everyone. Finally I would like you to consider my own situation. I suffer from a double hernia that I recently discovered and that gives me a lot of pain and fatigue. I have had it during my whole life, so it will take a while before I will have fixed that.

Payment is in advance on my bank account. You can app or call me for an appointment and then I will give you the data you need.



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