You can reach me here:


My practic


J.H. van Aismawei 16
9045 PJ  Beetgumermolen (Bitgummole) Friesland, vlakbij Leeuwarden

M: +31 – 6 – 3427 7058 (Whatsapp and sms present) 
+31 – 6 – 3427 7058 from abroad
T: 058 – 843 0449
+31 – 58 – 843 0449 from abroad


Above right in the menu bar you also find my social media. You can reach me there as well. Only please do not email me, because that costs me far too much stress and energy, now that I have just healed a double hernia and had a firm couple of tia’s. I don’t look at the email, so it is a pity for your trouble!


Hope to see you soon in my practice!


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