After a consultation it may happen that you don’t feel so well. Many things happen in a session and we work on a deep level in order to find and eliminate the very root of your complaints. In most cases it will be a headache or you will feel tired. You may also have a belly ache. This can last for maximum a day. You can always call me if you don’t feel well and I will help you. If it lasts longer than a day, then it is something else and then you may want to visit your doctor.

I can already advise you the following things after a consultation:

  • a cup of camomille tea is a good idea to drink after a consultation.
  • Taking rest is important, because stress and anxiety are two of the deepest causes of all complaints you may suffer from. When we eliminate them, you may feel very tired or even exhausted. Don’t go against it, but do take some rest then.
  • Healthy food is also important. Of course that is always so, but if you are tired after a consultation, i.e. a glas of good fruit juice will provide you with strength. Fresh orange juice is the champion, but also any other fruit juice will do. A good meal is also excellent. And don’t take junkfood for a couple of days!


Also if you have other complaints after a consultation, you can always call me. I am quite easily to contact, since I work at home. No-one had ever complaints about a session or about my way of working, but everything is open for discussion, within logics and reason. Here you find how you can contact me.


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