Adversity, overweight, allergies and vitamin B12

Adversity, overweight, allergies and vitamin B12

I don’t know how these months have been for you, but for me this has been a real hard time. Fought against a double hernia and had a ‘fine’ couple of tia’s, one after the other. Add at least 10 other major life problems to that and you will ask yourself how I merely survived. Well, I am a healer, ain’t I? I got all those problems because you always get the maximum of what you can bear in life, until you find which button to push so that your life will become lighter and easier. And I can tell you: I found that button. Want to know more? It has all to do with vitamin B12!


Vitamin B12

Today I am going to talk to you a bit about vitamin B12. It’s one of those things you need to know if you want to really get cured from illness so you stay healthy and happy. When I read that so many people take injections with this vitamin, because they are told they have a deficiency of it, I was shocked and started research about the subject. Found out that if you have an excess of it, you will have problems with allergies. If you have a deficiency of it, you will feel extremely tired.

The job of vitamin B12 is to keep you not-tired. So if you are tired, your intestines take up a little more vitamin B12 from your food in order to help you feel more energised. If you now work too hard, sport too hard or do other tiring things, there will be more vitamin B12 in your blood, so you don’t feel the exhaustion. Yes, you won’t feel exhausted, but you will become really nervous, which may result in itching, all different kinds of allergies, continuous adversity and even overweight.

Yes overweight! You can really swell and gain weight because of an excess of vitamin B12 in your blood. It isn’t always the case with anyone who is overweight, but it sure is a cause we shouldn’t neglect! And you can have other allergies, such as eczema, a food intolerance, herpes, hay fever, lactose intolerance, an allergy for dust mites, for pollen, for animals, for medicine etcetera.

What also happens because of the nerves that you gain with a high level of vitamin B12, is that you will experience continuous adversity. You solve one problem and the next one has already arrived. That is because not only you personally, but your whole life gets shaken up with so much of this vitamin. You should really lower your levels of it.


A deficiency of vitamin B12

Somewhat different phenomena will occur if you have a deficiency of vitamin B12! How do you get a deficiency of this vitamin? Well, if you eat wrong fats like coconut oil or butter, a little of it may stay in the intestinal walls and cause food remains that can harm you a lot. Vitamin B12 loves getting settled in those food remains and then it can’t be absorbed into your blood. You will suffer from an irritable bowel (syndrom) and you yourself will feel very tired. And irritated at the same time!

I now have read what medical researchers think about vitamin B12. Doctors say you have a correct level of it between 148 and 569 pmol/l in a blood test. Others say you must definitely have more of it than 250 pmol/l and you also must have it tested with the help of a substance called methymalon acid and homocystein. This is an extremely expensive test. I have had a lot of patients, friends and family members who had a problem with allergies, a deficiency of B12 and more such problems. I observed their complaints and saw that it is more than enough to have your vitamin B12 tested in the normal way, just in a lab!


The correct blood level of vitamin B12

Why did I find that? Because the correct level of vitamin B12 lies between 225 and 275 pmol/l! If you have more than 275, you will start getting allergies, itchings and you will feel really nervous. If you have less than 225, you will be really tired and may have an irritable bowel. That is because there is so much vitamin B12 in your bowel, that it will it shake up.

The more important question here is: how do I take control of my vitamin B12 level? And I will tell you. The herb that regulates your B12 levels is coriander, but that is not enough to do so much work in your body. Stopping to eat wrong fats and living in a less stressed and exhausting way will also help a bit, but underneath that there are always one or more traumatic or shock experiences that need to be healed. And self-confidence to be regained. Negative, bossy people to be eliminated from your system. All that needs to be done for you in order to have a normal and healthy vitamin B12 level.

What certainly will not help, is calling me crazy because I say something else than your doctor or the B12 institute. They haven’t healed you, have they? That’s why you came to my website and found my newsletter. I have healed lots of people by clear thinking, doing honest research and taking action. If you keep on using the same solutions for new challenges, you won’t have any result. My vitamin B12 has already lowered and definitely not only mine!

When you get a shock experience, you make yourself small. That’s just the automatic reaction in such a case. Negative people can shock you on purpose and when you shrink, they immediately step on the personal space that you left for a moment. It’s what the Dutch call “Opgestaan, plaats vergaan”: ‘you left your chair, so I took it‘. You can’t get them off and so you lose abilities and a lot of self-confidence that way. Now that you know this, it’s time to regain your personal space and become the strong person you were when you were younger.

I know I don’t say the same thing as others that have been educated about this matter. That is because I haven’t been educated by others, but started looking for clues myself. I was severely ill and had to find a cure. In the knowledge that already existed, there was no cure. Believe me, I tried it all! And so I left the path and went to find better solutions. And I found them for many, many diseases. I healed people with my insights while the official medical science didn’t heal anyone. So maybe it’s time for you to get healed too, like so many others did before you.



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