vallende ster

Would you like to be healthy again? To run and jump around, to go to parties and to work again? To play with your kids, to go to an amusement park, to be able to walk again and to have energy all the time? Do you want your children to be happy at school?

It’s boring to sit at home and watch all people around you or on tv who do have a nice life. All those people who can make a long walk, while you can’t; all those people whose kids have it nice and easy at school; everyone who can work or has a great job. You want to join life too, don’t you?

Sometimes you just need a bit support in life. Someone who helps you get on track again. Someone who gives your kid a hand, who helps you to go on with your life.

You are welcome to look around on my website. I heal people and then they get rid of illnesses. Children heal from disorders or other difficulties at school. People are full of courage again to work or to study, to start a new relationship or to revive an existing one and they quit drugs. I don’t snap my fingers and you’re healed, since that is impossible.

What I do, is powerful yet patient coaching where we go to the very root of the problem, by working on your self-confidence, by listening to you and by professional, painless and fast trauma processing. That way the obstacles that stood your self-healing ability in the way, disappear and your life will blossom again.


Sophia cares more about us than we do about ourselves
-a good friend


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