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If you have come here, you definitely have a problem that you would like to get rid of. That is very well possible, since Sophia Vassiliou, M.A.. is the healer with the unique healing gift and a unique problem solving ability, who can and does tackle problems by the root.

Sophia Vassiliou fell incurably ill by a not discovered stroke in 2011. It caused her among others progressive MS, which totally paralysed her until her longs. As a single Mom she couldn’t let herself go. She had the sole responsibility for two children and so she started fighting for her life. She researched and tried out everything until she found the way out of her own disease and of almost all diseases. By doing so, she laid the basis for the medical science of the future. It doesn’t consist of administering chemical substances to patients via complicated machines, but by finding the very root of each disease and by pulling that out.

What Sophia Vassiliou does: she gives you the medical treatment from the future! That consists of eliminating energetic inhibitions; helping you process shock experiences or even traumas from your past in a very fast, painless and effective way; giving you an enormous boost of self-confidence; teaching you to relax and looking at your food pattern. What is needed in order to get rid of inhibitions is an extended knowledge of language. As a linguist Sophia has exactly the right background to do this healing work.

Something Sophia does definitely not do: imposition of hands, aura healing, chakra healing, reiki … Healing means that your body and your brains start regrowing in a healthy way. It may  – at times – happen real fast, but never overnight. So on this website you won’t find images of pyramids, spirals and so on. And you won’t find any false promises of super fast cures for your complaints.


This is a small collection of diseases and other complaints that Sophia has healed until now. A lot more can be added, since almost any disease can heal!

Physical diseases:

  • COPD
  • MS
  • migraine
  • disease of Lyme
  • thalassaemia
  • hernia and other backaches
  • allergies, like hay fever etc.
  • significant improvement in myopia
  • disease of Crohn and generally digestive diseases
  • diabetes
  • teeth problems
  • underweight and overweight
  • chronical muscle aches
  • choke

Mental diseases and other complaints:

  • ADHD – ADD
  • dyslexia
  • learning disorders or difficulty in learning
  • autism
  • MPS / DIS
  • schizophrenia
  • syndrome of Tourette, other neuroses
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • performance anxiety
  • addiction to alcohol, drugs and smoking
  • constant setbacks and bad luck
  • general malaise, doing nothing in life
  • keep families together (prevent divorce etc.)
  • restore familie ties
  • help kid with school and good contact with parents
  • help parents with education and schooling of kids
  • help solve financial problems
  • help create clarity, so that people know where to head to in life



I am working again on a therapeutic base after a serious drug addiction and I thank it all
to a fantastic woman: Sophia Vassiliou
-Theo B., a former client