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If you have come here, you possibly have a trauma that you would like to get rid of. That is very well possible, since I tackle traumas by the root with the help of my clairvoyancy. That is fast and painless, while your brain will process it by itself and save it in the right place in your memory. After that you will remember it less sharp, so that you can start thinking about nice things. And that is the moment that you heal.

I also help you get a lot of self-confidence. I help you relax and sometimes I advice special food that fastens your healing process.

Something I definitely don’t do: imposition of hands, aura healing, chakra healing, reiki, EMDR … Healing means that your body and your brains start regrowing in a healthy way. It may  – at times – happen real fast, but never overnight. So on this website you won’t find images of pyramids, spirals and so on. And you won’t find any false promises of super fast cures for your complaints.



I am working again on a therapeutic base after a serious drug addiction and I thank it all
to a fantastic woman: Sophia Vassiliou
-Theo B., a former client



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