Here you find inspiring music!

From Mexico Mariachi Los Caballeros: El Cascabel:


Genuine Sufi music by the Orquestra Árab de Barcelona featuring Omar Faruk Tekbilek. The song is called Sufi:


Natacha Atlas, born in Brussels and half Maroccan, half British: Amulet. Very cheerful song:


Earth, Wind & Fire: Star!


The Jackson Five: Can you feel it? During their last concert in 2001, live!


Here Dutch classical music legend André Rieu for you. He turns the whole audience upside down in Royal Albert’s Hall in London, playing the Syrtaki:


Just put this music on and you will instantly find your inner peace! The song was written by Berber Algerian composer Idír and it is performed by the National Symphonical Orchestra of Algiers directed by Zahia Zouani with opera singer Amel Brahim-Djelloul.

Song is called Aya ixir inu: what a blessed day:


The Portuguese Dansa del vetlatori (dance with fans) is performed for you by a whole group of musicians and singers, nicely sitting in a circle. Pep Gimeno Botifarra and Miqel Gil sing and who wrote the song: who knows:


This gorgeous song by Greek musician and singer George Dalaras is called Κάπου νυχτώνει (somewhere night falls). It was written by Stavros Kouyoumtzís:


All the way from China soprano Wu Bixia with a beautiful heavenly choir and a fantastic orchestra perform for you the song Flower burial from the Chinese movie Dream of the red chamber:


Kurdish music! Qumrike is a song by Śivan Perwer, performed by Aynur Doǵan and the Dutch band Arifa in Amsterdam:


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