Did you ever want the impossible?

“John loves me, but I want Rick”

Does it sound well-known?

“I am admitted to Yale, but I want to go to Harvard” (if you have THAT problem, you’re really in trouble!)

“My mother loves me, but I’m always nasty to her”

“I have a husband and kids, but I also want a career. Not a normal job, but a real career. And an enormous dog, while we still have a baby”

“Will always gives me a hard time, but I still want to be with him and I’m even going to get married to him”

If you ever wanted impossible or unreasonable things, then listen to the Greek song from 1969 here underneath. It’s about a young man who is loved by not one, but two girls in his neighbourhood up the hill. And still he loves a girl who lives by the sea and who doesn’t want him. He finds her so beautiful that he calls her a mermaid and wants to buy an amulet with a piece of the wood from the cross where Jesus died to protect her, even if she doesn’t love him.

I think we all know this phenomenon and it feels a bit like being ungrateful, when you want something that seems impossible. Even more if something much closer to you wants you. I saw videos on Youtube of a family with little children, who had no less than SEVEN tigers in the house. Just to mention something!

The cause …

But if you all the time want something else than that which you have, that can be pretty annoying. It makes you a difficult person to live with and who wants to be like that? If it becomes a problem, then you should know what it is that makes you so troublesome, isn’t that fair?

So I discovered it, while I was discovering the base of so many things that bother me myself or others. If you want something else than that which you can get, it doesn’t always mean you’re still in your teenages. It means that something in your brain is blocked and what would be more logical than that the cause of this trouble is a not too well functioning left half of your brain?

Yep. The left half of your brain is for logical thinking and behaving, isn’t it? So if you behave like what we call in Greek ‘παράλογο’, which means absurd or unreasonable, then you have a lack of logics to protect you from wanting senseless things. It’s as simple as that.

And the cure!

lazy blood …

And the solution in order to be more one with yourself and to be more consistent is also simple: what you need is iron! I know what you will say to me: “Now it’s you being absurd, Sophy, saying I need iron for my left brain half”. The left hemisphere of the brain works on magnesium and silicium, isn’t it? Yes, right. But if parts of it don’t work really well, it doesn’t mean you have a deficiency of magnesium or silicium! It’s much more likely that your blood is just being lazy, not bringing the minerals to your brain. Lazy blood needs a bit pushing. And who is better in pushing with force than Iron Man? Iron, I told you.

So you just go to some health food store and get yourself a fine bottle of blackberry, blueberry or elderberry juice concentrate. You drink half a glass of it twice per day and observe what will happen inside you. I will only reveal it will start a huge healing job, but what will improve first, I can’t say. Between 3 and 15 days things should start changing, provided that you really take about 7 oz or 200 ml juice concentrate per day and don’t take cranberries, okay? Just don’t, because they undermine your iron. If you need strength and vitamin C or have bladder problems, you’d better take elderberry juice.

Here is Yannis Kalatzís for you and his mermaid from 1969:

Στίχοι: Λευτέρης Παπαδόπουλος
Μουσική: Μάνος Λοΐζος

Στην απάνω γειτονίτσα
Μ’ αγαπάνε δυο κορίτσια
Στην απάνω γειτονίτσα

Μα εγώ πονάω γι’ άλλη
μα εγώ πονάω γι’ άλλη
μια Γοργόνα στ’ ακρογιάλι

φυλαχτό με τ’ άγιο ξύλο
που να βρω για να της στείλω
φυλαχτό με τ’ άγιο ξύλο

Φυλαχτό να τη φυλάει
φυλαχτό να τη φυλάει
και ας μη με αγαπάει


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