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“The lost daughter”

After grammar school Natassa Vassiliou graduated in master’s studies in French and Greek literature and linguistics, which she started at the Uva University of Amsterdam and finished at the AUTH, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. During her studies she specialised in linguistic sociology and anthropology and in the links between language, cultural values and conscience. She got her Sorbonne II in French, the licence to teach Dutch to foreigners and studied singing at music school. For four years she sang in Greek music clubs, she sang in the band of her school, taught private lessons in different languages, taught Dutch at university and worked as a translator in five languages. Her very first job was as an export manager at a clothing company. When she got accepted at university, she chose to study.

Natassa’s language center

She taught Greek, French and Dutch for 25 years: at schools, in civil integration as a teacher and project leader, at Alliance Française and in-company with her own business Parnassós Talen. Many well-known and international companies were her enormously satisfied customers and her business went excellent. Just a few of her customers: Unilever, Monsanto, Aramco, Stichting Marin, Novartis, Concorde Groep; Wageningen University (WUR), het UWV, Campina, Menzis, Teeling Petfood and many, many more. She organised language trainings for businesses for which she hired trainers as well.

When she got paralysed around 2011, she wasn’t able to teach and run a business anymore. She had to find a way to survive, because her family needed her and the doctors – both regular and alternative – turned their back on her. She balanced on the brim of death by suffocation, so she started researching what makes people ill and what might heal them again. She found all the answers in Greek traditional medicine to which she contributed a lot and cured hundreds of patients from chronic and mental diseases. She herself recovered from MS, Lyme disease and many co-morbidities like Crohn disease, COPD and diabetes. She cured many others from mental and chronical diseases as well, often leaving their doctors astonished. She had patients from the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Suriname, the Antilles, the US, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria, Kurdistan and India.

On her way to curing her illness, Natassa made the shocking discovery that she knew far from everything about the first five years of her life. She persistently tried to find more traumatic memories, because what else could make her so ill? With a lot of effort she found out that an organisation named ISS – some kind of international Youth Care – known for enormous scandals at international adoption cases and child trafficking, had been involved in her adoption. According to her birth certificate however, she was born in Amsterdam and had a Dutch mother. She had also been adopted in the Netherlands, so she asked herself why this international organisation had been involved. The recovery from her illness had almost no progression and so she asked for help in October 2019. Together they looked at what was standing in the way and they saw … a five-year period full of the most horrible sexual abuse as well as physical and mental abuse by her adoption “parents”. It was exactly as so many friends had already told her, but Natassa had never dared to believe.

All her memories from the first five years of her life came back with a lot of difficulty and Natassa processed everything rapidly and effectively. Over 30 people had called the Child Protection for child abuse, but they didn’t care at all and kept on sending the ISS (hidden behind the FIOM in the Netherlands) in order to again wipe out her memories. That is why they were so locked. Due to the load of abuse Natassa’s body had collapsed. Let alone that she hadn’t even been able to properly grow as a child. In the end she had not less than 13 conditions on top of each other, the base being serious brain damage all over her brain, which made her recovery very difficult. Natassa connected all the pieces of the puzzle of her life and that is when she discovered the truth about who she was. The ISS had stolen her away from her Greek parents, who lived in Cologne. In Germany! They brutally swapped her with another baby. Natassa’s Mom was the head of the psychiatric department at the hospital where she was born and her Dad was a technical engineer. They found her back in Amsterdam a week after her kidnapping. They fled to Greece with the help of the Greek authorities. There they baptised Natassa in order to give her back her own name: Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou. In Greece State and Church were one. As they left the church, there were armed soldiers who shot her Mom and grabbed her from her Dad’s arms. Back to the child trafficking network in the Netherlands.


Now that she is finally recovering from her illness, Natassa Vassiliou has started to continue her career all over again as an academic author in the field of sociology. She writes about Critical Social Justice, gender difficulties, Critical Race Theory, woke, antiracism, identity politics and … child trafficking. Because the undemocratic way of thinking as a victim of the antiracists or Woke is fabricated by the network of NGO’s that hang onto the UN and of which the ISS is a part. They silence people who don’t agree with them and their ideology is not based on facts or logical thinking, but on gut feelings. Natassa therefore decided to fight for freedom of speech and democracy.



© Natassa Vassiliou