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You landed on the website of the unique healer, therapist, author, speaker and trainer who helps people in the whole world to be happy. Recovering from diseases, complaints, setbacks and disorders.

Sophia Vassiliou found the key for everyone to be happy again. The method is easy and accessible for anyone, also for you! If you don’t know the solution, it seems impossible not to feel sick and bad anymore. Sophia has been there. But when she found the solution, it became easier. There is nothing misleading in her story.

It all has to do with deficiencies of a few vitamins or minerals, with shock experiences from the past that you need shortly process and with self-confidence. Sophia helps you to supplement and regain all that in a fine and healthy way. Not madly expensive, no injections, only a few vitamin pills, no horrible shakes and smoothies and no excentric diets.

What it is? Special healthy (and most of all normal) food, powerful but patient coaching and processing your shocks. In a simple and short way.

Sophia is working on English translations of her website and on a monthy newsletter in English about her greatest discoveries in the field of recovery. You can already get subscribed!


Here is a short video introduction so you get to know me a bit:


Sophia cares more about us than we do about ourselves
(said a good friend about me)


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