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Sophia Vassiliou offers real help with MS, a vitamin B12 deficiency, dyslexia and really living in the present

You landed on the website of the author, speaker and trainer who helps people in the whole world heal from diseases and unhappiness. I do such by lecturing, by giving in-company trainings for businesses and organisations and by providing guidance.

As you will see I have found the way for everyone to be successful, happy and to heal from diseases and other problems in life. The way is easy and accessible. If you feel bad and sick, it’s hard to believe this, I know. I have been there too. But when I discovered the way out, it became easy and for once in life it was not misleading or paradoxal: I really started healing and not only me. My environment and clients started too.

You will find articles in Dutch and in English here and there is a language switch button on your right side, which is also underneath each page. Despite all my efforts the menu sometimes switches to Dutch. On your phone it keeps on being a bit difficult to switch the language, but if you click on ‘show the complete page’ underneath the page, you can do it. And I keep on working on it.

I am also working on montly newsletters, in which I will share things that I discover about healing, the functioning of the brain and things like that. These will be in English, while my blog articles are most of the time only in Dutch. You can already subscribe!

Here is already a short video introduction so you get to know me a bit:


Sophia cares more about us than we do about ourselves
(said a good friend about me)


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