Rates, opening hours and conditions

Here you will find the rates and conditions for my services and my work schedules (in GMT + 1):

Rates for in-company trainings: ex VAT

  • €65,00 per hour for 1 or 2 students.
    For 3 – 5 students the rate is €70,00 per hour
    and for 6 – 8 students it is €75,00 per hour. This is excluding teaching materials.
  • A training about the self-healing system consists of 3 courses of 1.5 hour. Costs for 2 students: €285,00 excluding teaching materials.
    For 3 – 5 students: €210,00 excluding teaching materials.
    For 6 – 8 students: €225,00 excluding teaching materials.
  • Teaching materials cost €10,00 per person. If you would like more than the standard booklet, the price will be discussed. Teaching materials are in Dutch. I can translate them in English, but that will take me some time. Please discuss that in time with me.

Rates for other services:

  • Consultations cost €65,00 per hour or €100,– per 2 hours. Appointments should be made in advance. Rates for a live consultation or through telephone or Skype (or Whatsapp, Facebook or whatever other communication channel) are the same.
  • Travel cost is € 0,19 per km.
  • Lectures don’t have a fixed rate. It depends how much work it is to prepare and where I need to get myself to.

Amounts are payed in advance on my bank account.


Schedule: I work during schooltime, which is from Monday until Thursday from 9:00 AM until about 4:00 PM. Friday is for householding and administration!


General conditions for companies and organisations. For the time being they are in Dutch and you can find them here on this page.



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