Here you will find the rates and conditions for my services and my work schedules (in GMT + 1):

Rates for in-company trainings: ex VAT

  • €65,00 per hour for 1 or 2 students.
    For 3 – 5 students the rate is €70,00 per hour
    and for 6 – 8 students it is €75,00 per hour. This is excluding teaching materials.
  • A training about the self-healing system consists of 3 courses of 1.5 hour. Costs for 2 students: €285,00 excluding teaching materials.
    For 3 – 5 students: €210,00 excluding teaching materials.
    For 6 – 8 students: €225,00 excluding teaching materials.
  • Teaching materials cost €10,00 per person. If you would like more than the standard booklet, the price will be discussed. Teaching materials are in Dutch. I can translate them in English, but that will take me some time. Please discuss that in time with me.

Rates for other services:

  • Consultations cost €65,00 per hour or €100,– per 2 hours. Appointments should be made in advance. Rates for a live consultation or through telephone or Skype (or Whatsapp, Facebook or whatever other communication channel) are the same.
  • Email consultations and diet help consultations cost €35,00 and last about half an hour.
  • Travel cost is € 0,19 per km.
  • Lectures don’t have a fixed rate. It depends how much work it is to prepare and where I need to get myself to.

Amounts are payed in advance on my bank account. You can find the IBAN on the contact page.

Schedule: I work during schooltime, which is from Monday until Thursday from 9:00 AM until about 4:00 PM. Friday is for householding and administration!


General conditions for companies and organisations. For the time being they are in Dutch and you can find them here on this page.

Conditions for private clients:

I promise from my side that I will always give the best that I have in me. You can count on my integrity and honesty. For these reasons I never pay money back. If you might have complaints after a consultation with me, we can just talk about that in a calm and friendly way. If I haven’t given you enough, I will compensate. Something I really envy is legal hassle. I am just not playing that game. We are adult people and able to talk reasonably.

When I lecture and despite my hard work there is a little error, an imperfection or some outdated information, I will correct that by telling so. I am glad if you report little errors to me, but no rights can be derived.


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