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The beauty of life

We have got a new hairdresser as a neighbour. She’s a very kind lady. I noticed that she is also very insecure of herself and so I brought her a bunch of flowers. ‘Rubbed’ it into her how well she cut my hair.

Oh help, now of course you want a picture. Okay, I’m going to work on getting you one in this article, so you can see it for yourself. It is as if she cut my hair thick again. Maybe it’s the rainy weather, but I can definitely get less hair into my hair pin. What a difference one can make with a little love … Just a loving attitude in life. Tell each other you’re happy with each other is so important! And it’s so different from damaging each other by gossiping and spreading around lies about one another. That is destruction and it’s good for nothing. Let’s form a positive movement together, around the whole world. A movement consisting of people who are fair, loving and worthy.

Ik vandaag 🙂

Now that my life story starts refreshing a bit, we can finally really start eliminating all negative emotions and thoughts off ourselves. Why would you still be insecure if you’re just a sweetheart? No need, is there? Yes, you did a wonderful job; yes, you’re a fantastic person; yes, you moved me with your sweet words, your beautiful music, your loving actions … Let is be said!

It strikes me time and time again that except spiritually interested people almost no-one can really express their feelings. I am getting the impression that being spiritual in the end means you’re not only living rationally, but that you’re also allowed to be sensitive. Warm, hearty and belonging. Laughing, crying, being angry: it all belongs to the life as we know it here and now. One day of all those emotions only the laughter and happiness will stay, but that isn’t today yet. We’re busy working on having that day approach soon.

Negative emotions have never been as deep and as difficult as they are in this period of time. People say that is because now we’re tidying up everything. The truth is different: many people have spread out their own negativity over others, by just pushing it onto us instead of processing it. Yes, you have to process your emotions! That is hard if you’re used to just skip everything and live a hypocrital life, but you still can’t just force your rubbish on someone else. So now it’s us being filled up with sorrow, anger, jealousy and fears of other people!

Therefore I’m not going to say ‘Gamma!’ (Dutch joke from a commercial of a jobs-around-the-house shop), but I say: eliminate it all from yourself. You have processed the whole bunch of strange emotions time and time again and by doing that, you healed it. It’s been enough now though, being endlessly sad, feeling other people’s anger and being afraid you cultivated it yourself. Being afraid of everything, while that fear isn’t yours. Getting panicked or frustrated for no reason, feeling jealousy while you’re not even jealous and being locked up in yourself while you want to cheer, to shout, to laugh and to share your point of view.

Until now love was way not enough to get all that evil stuff out of all of us. Many times it needed to be done in an angry, upset way and I have had to scold and curse the whole time in order to get all those horrible types out of myself and others. The Tourette syndrom these evil guys had pushed onto me, was very useful in that stage. Curses just rolled out of me, I can tell you that! But I can’t tell you it was nice. Fortunately the time I had to work this way, is (almost) over. Once in a while I still have to kick hard, but I have finally reached the stage to start investigating how I would actually like expressing myself. A tiny little bit more chic anyway …

You can’t even start believing what we all have been carrying with us. I have put Youtube to autoplay while writing this. At some moment I was shown a tribute to Sting and who do you think came up first to sing a song of his? Yes, really: lady Gaga. She has been carrying a real evil thing within her and she has definitely had her share of sadness. That’s how that thing came out more and more and how she became the freak we all know. But under all that stuff there is a beautiful woman with wonderful talent, who wants to make people happy.

I can say the same thing about many more people. We are being helped by God to eliminate all the pain and sorrow from your lives and we may really release it all. Who I also saw somewhere in the public in one of the videos on Youtube, was Michelle Obama. I found her terribly negative and angry, but finally she is able again to feel emotions and to show them. She too is re-emerging from a large heap of rubble and these are only a few examples. In my daily life I know a lot more people coming back as they are. It’s really happening!

This is what we all may let go off ourselves. Not just into the earth please, but neatly wrapped in and then you can give it to God. He will get it, don’t worry. The upperworld (astral or etheric world, call it as you please) isn’t full of ghosts and evil anymore, like it was years ago. I have done a heck of a lot of work!! The whole place is almost empty and tidied up. No-one will take away your stuff anymore to use it for themselves or to harass other people with it. They can’t, because God closed down our bodies. For all people! So even if you do 100 exercises a day, you can’t do this anymore.

So do release anything that’s bothering you. Not only emotions you’re stuffed up with, but also happenings, situations and anything that’s less than paradise-like. The problems you’re facing: put them into a beautiful pack in thoughts with a nie bowtie around it and give them to Father God or Brahman. Your loneliness, your administrative or financial worries, your being jobless, your shortage of success, your sorrow because of your children, your partner or whoever, your diseases and your complaints.

I’m not saying everything will be gone at once, if your throw it out. But just do this every day – even more than once a day! – and you will definitely feel the difference. Every time you will feel lighter, lighter and still lighter and you will feel better, stronger and healthier. Just like the artists we are listening to, have a great talent, we have that as well! Anyone who is beautiful inside, has got talents. They have been stampeded a bit, they are under the rubble of the earthquakes and tsunami’s we have been through. But we still have them and we’re going to radiate again!

Let negative people stew in their own grease now. They will always – as long as they still exist – go on causing trouble, trying to push you aside and gossiping. But they are more and more exposed and peope who are normal, are getting more appreciated now. I see it happening all around me here on the countryside in the north of the Netherlands. If you are in a big city, you will definitely see many more positive changes. The relief you feel, is real!

If you have to deal a lot with this kind of sucking people, try to shut off yourself from them and don’t hesitate to ask for help from Brahman (he’s God). It’s no joke: that man is really God and he is not just a kind of ghost or so or a Great King in a Faraway Place. No, he’s all the sweetest man you have ever seen. Patient, wise and loving. Don’t forget his humor. And he helps us. If you find it difficult to work with such people, just know you’re doing it wrong anyway fo them. They are nasty inside and if you ignore them, they have something to say about that. If you shortly give them some attention, it’s also not right with the. You give them a lot of attention and they will suck you until you’re empty … It’s really not your fault! Please do remember that and do hang a poster on your wall with that text if you tend to forget!

If I can emerge from the yoke of all negativity of the whole world – it was all first in me and then in you and in others, remember – then you can do it too! You are a healing person: anything negative transforms into something good just because of your bare existing. Only the portions of rubbish have become so horribly huge now, since they belong to 6 billion people and so you stop being able to process all that. That’s not more than normal, but please hold on and do see the progress. Note it on your calendar in the toilet or in your diary, so you can remind yourself of it on a rainy day.

Music for today is a golden song by The Beatles: all you need is love. Performed by a stage full of famous artists, like Joe Cocker, Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart with an enormous orchestra:


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