Fall of Atlantis – Arc of Noah

This is the story of Atlantis and also the story of Noah and his arc. What impact it really had on the world and I hope you will understand my English:

Everything was quiet. A bit too quiet. Even the trees were still and the birds were not singing. People held their breath, feeling something was coming up. But what? They discussed about it, in whispers, but no-one knew. Even the city’s magician could not forefeel what was coming.

“It is evil”, he said in a solemn voice, “And everything will change in a bad way. But I don’t know what it is or how it will happen. It will have an impact, yes it will”, he finished and sent everyone away from his villa in Atlantis-City. He needed to think and to meditate about it. Maybe he would know and then he could warn everyone in time if they needed to flee. The air was pressing and it was a little bit hotter than normally. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and lied down on his couch.

The moment he would shut his eyes, his servant came in, panting. He was a young boy, just 12 years old and very proud to serve his master, the great magician and doctor of Atlantis. “What is it?”, asked his master startled, “Did the world already stop turning?”. The boy looked at him, not grasping his words. “No master”, he gasped, “Lilith is on the forum preparing some kind of a ceremony She has fifty guards with her and there is some kind of a bed or a couch there. Everybody thinks she’s going to try to become the queen of the country”. The words rolled out of the boy, his eyes large of the shock.

His master immediately stood up. “So that is what I have forefelt and what everyone is afraid of. Lilith that pain in the head always with her dirty tricks. I will go to the king and the queen to tell them rightaway, so maybe we can stop her”. He started putting on his sandals while talking half under his breath. The boy came close to him, his eyes even bigger now. “Master!”, he whispered softly, as if charmed by his own words, “The king is not at the castle. He is in the harbour, talking with some strangers from abroad. They are big and strong fellows, warriors we think. They want to organise a riot and they are trying to steal our melons and pumpkins away. The king is there, trying to settle the fight. The queen is alone with a handful of guards, but not enough to save her if Lilith tries anything”. He looked at his master in despair.

“Please get the men from the grocery’s shop and all the shops. We’re going to protect the queen!”, he shouted, getting on his feet. “I will get the other men from the neighbourhood and let’s be fast as lighting!”, he added running away, leaving the boy behind in astonishment. Run!, he thought and as fast as his little boy’s feet could bear him, he ran away. Off to all the shops. He would get the other kids to help him assemble as many men as they could. That horrible Lilith, the whisper-woman, as people called her in awe, never let any chance go by to try to kill the queen, who was a kind and simple lady. She was always there for her people and saw everyone as her children, just like her husband, the king of Atlantis. They had passed harsh times, because Lilith and her magical rituals always put the whole country upside down. Causing bad harvests, tempests and tornados or sending the necessary rain away in their already dry and warm country. Always chasing after the queen and trying to charm the king, who could not even look at her as much as he hated her.

Within five minutes the boy had assembled about 25 men. From everywhere around him they came running, using brooms, swords or knifes as their weapons. They were ready to fight for their queen and for their country. Who knows what that evil woman would do again? It felt really ominous and the sky was black with clouds, although it didn’t rain. The men ran in a swarm to the castle, but as they approached it, they saw the queen being taken away by indeed about fifty heavily armed men. Some of them had bows ready to shoot on the helping men. Everyone hurried to the market place, hoping they could do anything there to help the queen. They entered the forum from different sides, but the guards were prepared, well trained and had their bows and very long swords ready to kill them all. They could never beat those guys, not even with a hundred men.

They tried to approach Lilith, who stood almost naked in the middle of all the rush. A smile on her satisfied face. This time she would become the queen of Atlantis and everyone in the whole world would know it. The ceremony started and she knew she would turn upside down the whole world. What she did not know, was how the world would become after this satanic ceremony of horror she had just started. Ten men sat on small stools and started playing drums. The air that had been so motionless before, suddenly filled up with a menacing and chilly cold breeze. This time Lilith would not stop the rain, but she would let it come. Abundantly. She was the queen now, so from now on the harvests would be rich and anyone who would bow for her, would have enough money, a shelter and food. Slaves they would be, begging to stay alive and doing anything for her, the great queen of the world’s largest and most densely populated country. The rest of the people would be plebs. Poor, living on the streets, in fear and in awe for her. They would have no families. Women would be alone and raped by free men walking around and coming into their huts whenever they wanted. Just like things were before the king and the queen arrived to bring order, happiness and family life to the world.

The beating of the drums became more and more rousing, until it was exhilarating. Lilith danced on it, while two of her guards laid Emzara, the queen, down on the wooden plank bed they had placed in the center of the forum. Lilith’s men had built a wooden stage for her to dance on, just behind the plank bed. She was already in a deep state of concentration, soon to fall into a trance. Before the ceremony she had done a secret magical ritual in her horror temple, the temple of the ‘goddess’ as she called it. The goddess was she herself with her arrogance. Everyone knew she was not a goddess but just a very evil woman, who never said a word but always influenced people in a hidden way they could not fight. Only these people would go to her temple to have sex there with the so-called priests who were her guards today and who all wished to be chosen to have sex with her in public.

A little boy ran over the forum and dived fast under the queen’s plank bed. He started untying the ropes that kept her there, but was noticed by one of the guards. He lifted the boy up from his shelter and just threw him away as if he was a bag full of bulgur. The boy landed hard on his left hip and could not get up again. Some women rushed to him and carried him away to wash his wounds. The guard who had thrown the boy away, started tying the ropes again and the queen softly sighed for help. She could communicate with her husband by telepathy, but she knew he had to get these pirates away. Otherwise everyone would be lost when the flood would come. Hopefully he would see to catch their ships, so that as many people as possible could flee from the island.

A sign from Lilith and the first man came on stage to have wild sex with her. Another man was appointed to rape the queen simultaneously. The man happily took off his pants and dived upon the queen. She used her brainpower to get him off her, but he was stronger and used violence with his arms. She could not withstand him, but calmed him down by whispering to him. Lilith did not notice the rape stopped and no-one was willing to tell her. Her guards were hypnotised men, not really bad people. In the public a woman started running to the plank bed, but she was caught by a guard who hurled her to the ground and cruelly stepped on her knee. The ceremony started. Emzara was not raped while Lilith had her dirty sex. Not with one men, but with two … and then number three came up, his pants already off.

Then a change came in the public. The awe and fear suddenly changed into anger and non-acceptance. Everyone fell silent and an ardent lightening struck the city. The thunder following it, felt like an earthquake. The king arrived and everyone suddenly had a shock going through their veins, their bones, their skin … The earth protested against the injustice. Plants, trees, flowers, stones, crystals, rocks, animals and people all had the same shock. Everything was torn down. Buildings rumbled, but not only that. Something from the inside happened. Plants and trees were altered, they were not healing anymore. They lost their healing heart and Lilith, shocked, went into pieces. Every single person on the whole earth, not just in Atlantis to death, had a piece of her in them. She had not become the queen of the world, but the queen of the new underworld that came into existence at that very moment. Everyone felt it happening, but no-one could do anything against it.

What also happened, was that Emzara went into pieces. Some hundreds of people got a piece of her into them as well and she altered. She was still sweet and kind, but less powerful. Her husband Noah went into two pieces. One into that newly existing underworld that was etheric and people could not see it. No-one saw it, but they all knew it and they feared for what would come. The other Noah was still standing on the forum, nailed to the ground, but now waking up and running towards his wife. He was altered too. Just like Emzara he had lost his mental powers and he now was still a wise man, but one without the godly power he used to possess before. He freed his wife and some other men came to help.

Noah asked everyone’s attention and shouted that everyone should take some food and water from their houses. Their children and only one male and one female of each animal in total. Then they should rush to the harbour to take place on the pirate ships. They would sail to Africa, which was on a distance of a few weeks. South-America was closer to Atlantis, but the storm was coming from that side and they would not survive the trip. There were thirty ships and on each ship there would be five hundred people with animals and stuffed with food. The men would have to row, the women look after the children and keep up courage. Atlantis also owned thirty ships. Three thousand people could be saved out of one and a half milliard inhabitants of the isle of Atlantis … Noah and Emzara had lost their mental power with which they had always been able to stop the storms Lilith aroused. It was the power of the right half of their brain, which was greater than other people’s brain. That was why they were king and queen: only they could up to some measure fight Lilith and protect the people.

Artemisia or wormwood

The first wave arrived from the sea and swept over the land outside the city. People ran to the harbour in panic. A group of messengers had been sent to the rest of the people to tell them to go to the mountains, hoping they would survive the storm there. They were told to bring just a few animals, like goats and cows, so they would have milk and meat for some time. And fruit, grain and vegetables for about two weeks. They were asked to warn all the rest of the people and not to fear. Something would remain of Atlantis, Noah knew it. When Lilith had done a secret ceremony to prepare this catastrophy, she had burnt plants to empower herself. One of the plants was artemisia or wormwood. It made no-one would know about the ceremony and that was why no-one had forefelt the catastrophy. Another group of guards ran off to Lilith who had lost consciousness from the shock. They brought her to prison, which was underneath the king’s castle. She would get drowned there and hopefully learn a good lesson to show respect for life. That the last hope was not fulfilled, we know from the stories of ancient Mesopotamia, where Delilael lived again as Lilith, Ishtar, Inanna and a lot more, again having that sex temple of hers and having a lot of power.

The people on the ships all survived the trip and arrived in what we call Morocco today. Many of the others also survived the storm, since some small parts of Atlantis remained: the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands we know today. They built ships as soon as they could and left the very small remainants of Atlantis towards Mauretania, Western Sahara and Senegal as we know those countries today.

The impact of the fall of Atlantis today

Since this terrible catastrophy of the great island of Atlantis, which covered a lot of the space between Morocco until Senegal in Africa and Brazil, the Guinea’s, Surinam and Venezuela in South America all people of the earth have carried a part of Lilith within them: the shadow or dark side of your personality or your alter ego. Through the shock she had entered the very personality of all people, so that they were not totally themselves anymore.

What also happened during that crazy ceremony, was that all Lilith’s hatred, her anger, panic and sorrow went to everyone. What that woman had in her, was incredible. Because of all that evil in her mind and heart, her body had accumulated heaps of poison in the form of fluorine, mercury, sodium, MSG and carbon. The brain of all people has been damaged because of the enormous shock. Since then we have been half of ourselves. Our brains and DNA just couldn’t be activated again to fully function. Now is the moment to recover from that and I will tell you how in my other videos and articles.


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